November 2007 News II

Congratulations to Ravenclaw on their recent Quidditch win over Slytherin House! The next match, between Gryffindor and Slytherin, is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, 1 December.

Prefects, Headstudents, Professors and staff are invited to sign up for an HOL Email account.

Congratulations to the following Ravenclaw House award winners for the month of October:

Blue Virtue: Adeliene Cromwell
Bronze Ambition: Rosanna Gullveig
Ravenclaw of the Month: Cassandra Lobiesk
Hawking HOLer: Maya Winters

The latest edition of Hufflepuff House's newspaper, The Wizarding Times, is now available!

Be sure to check out the newest Prose and Cons Challenge!

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#1Visa Nur's AvatarVisa Nur ( 2685 days 9 hours ago)

Congratulations to everyone

#2Simon Wang's AvatarSimon Wang ( 2817 days 11 hours ago)

congrats to ravenclaw!

#3Mandy Meyer's AvatarMandy Meyer ( 2825 days 19 hours ago)

Cool! I hope I get to have a HOL e-mail account eventually. Anyway, congratulations to everyone on the awards. Also, congratulations to Ravenclaw on their win against Slytherin. Good luck Gryffindor on the next Quidditch match.

#4Pepe Garese's AvatarPepe Garese ( 2836 days 8 hours ago)

Need beans