March 2008 News

The latest edition of the Alte Sententiam is now available!

Prof. Chutney wants you for the Wizarding Times !

Congratulations to the following Slytherin House award winners:

Singular Slytherin Award: Prof. Allie de Mauvaisefoi
Smug Snake Award: Tambaqui Balthazar
Eagle in Snake's Clothing: Prof. Ulol Kimil (Ravenclaw)

Congratulations also to the following Ravenclaw award winners:

Blue Virtue: Catriona Watson
Bronze Ambition: Phedre Montreve
Ravenclaw of the Month: Thalia Krum
Hawking HOLer: Momoko Asakura
Eagle's Talont (RQT): Ryan Lobiesk, Alexia Riaper, Mark Mandrake, and Adeliene Cromwell
Captain's Choice (RQT): Cassandra Lobiesk

And congratulations to the following Hufflepuff House award winners!

Badger By Another Name Award: Prof. Rhiannon Llewellyn (Ravenclaw) and Prof. Paddy O'Brien (Slytherin)
Order of Helga (Hard Work): Belle Black, Felicia Hartwick, Kath Snape, Luisa Paula, Mopsy Prewett, and Prof. Olivia Rictusempra and Prof. Anya Chutney
House Spirit Award: Kath Snape
Scholarly Badger Award: Belle Black, Tarma Black, Mopsy Prewett, Kath Snape, Neville Prongs, and Fawn Warwick
Hungarian Horntail Award: Neville Prongs

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#2Simon Wang's AvatarSimon Wang ( 2817 days 11 hours ago)

congrats guys

#3Mandy Meyer's AvatarMandy Meyer ( 2826 days 19 hours ago)

Congratulations to everyone who won. I think the Hungarian Horntail Award though should be for all houses since Harry fought it. Well, at least the Gryffindor house.

#4Pepe Garese's AvatarPepe Garese ( 2836 days 8 hours ago)


#5Pepe Garese's AvatarPepe Garese ( 2836 days 8 hours ago)