Missing O.W.L.'s are up

Seventh year students are invited to send in the work for their two missing OWLs.

The HOL Pen Pal Club has some new Halloween activities!

September 2007 News

Regarding the HOL Challenge, teams are asked to follow the correct rules for choosing a name.

Don't miss your chance to be in the next edition of Slytherin House's newspaper, the SerpenTimes!

Ravenclaw House's newspaper, the Alte Sententiam, is also accepting submissions!

Congratulations to the winners of Hufflepuff House's Summer and Spirit Awards!

HOL Challenge Announced

Are you ready for the HOL Challenge?

Class sign-ups are now open! Also, many courses have discussion areas in the class forum area, so be sure to check out the information there.

Hufflepuff wins House Cup 2007

Congratulations to Hufflepuff House, winner of the House Cup 2007, and also to Ravenclaw, winner of the Quidditch Cup 2007!

Class sign-ups are scheduled to open on 18 August. The new school year (HOL 2007/08) will officially begin on 1 September.

Seventh Years can expect to be taking their NEWT exams next spring. More information can be found in Headmaster Dybendahl's post.

Congratulations to Mark Mandrake, winner of this year's Headmaster Award!

Congratulations also to the winners of the end-of-the-year awards for Ravenclaw!

Tryout information for the 2007/2008 Gryffindor Quidditch Team has been posted in the announcements section of the Gryffindor Common Room.

Come to #sql on Friday, 10 August, to watch the Pride of Portree play the Kenmare Kestrels in game of daring-do Quidditch! The game may be watched (no talking) in #sql; you may watch and cheer on the teams in #sqlstand. The game is scheduled to start 10:00 pm HOL time (5:00 pm USA Eastern and 2:00 pm USA Pacific).

New Students Registration is Open

Most of the main HOL forum has been closed to ensure privacy for readers of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." Certain areas will remain open and / or password protected to avoid spoilers. The Slytherin Common Room has also been taken down for a short time for the same reason.

New student registration is now open!

The latest edition of The Serpentimes, Slytherin House's newspaper, is now online.

Don't forget to enter the Deathly Hallows Prediction Contest! (The deadline is 9 pm HOL time on Friday, 20 July .)

July 2007 News

Prof. Dom Gaidin wishes to warn students that "a computer virus that claims 'Harry Potter is dead' before infecting a machine is spreading ahead of the release of the wizard's final novel."

Congratulations to the following Hufflepuff House award winners for the month of May:

Badger By Another Name Award: Ayahzy Nahki (Ravenclaw)
Bright Badger Award: Danya Amaritu
House Spirit Award: Felicia

The HOL Pen Pal Club (and associated Summer Camp) will soon be re-opening!

If you are interested in participating in HOL's Summer Quidditch League this year, you have until 8 July to join a team.

June 2007 News II

Applications for Professorship are now open, through 15 July.

There's a new HOL Library project.

All Book 7 discussion should be posted in the HP7 board, located in the General Harry Potter section of the HOL forum (you must be logged in to view the board).

Congratulations to the winners of the Fluffy Wand Award!

The latest issues of The Paw Print (Gryffindor House's newspaper) and Alte Sententiam (from Ravenclaw House) are now online.

Congratulations to the following Ravenclaw House award winners for the month of May:

Blue Virtue: Ayahzy Nahki
Bronze Ambition: Maya Winters
Ravenclaw of the Month: Isabella Kettleburn
Hawking HOLer: Cassandra Lobiesk

June 2007 News I

Prof. Rhiannon Llewellyn wishes to announce that Prof. Ulol Kimil has been named co-Deputy Head of House for Ravenclaw.

Congratulations to the winners of The Tarots contest!

The latest Muggle Question of the Month has been posted.

Congratulations to the following Hufflepuff House award winners for the month of April:

Badger By Another Name Award: Marie Thenes
Bright Badger Award: Adelline Aldridge
Hufflepuff House Spirit Award: Belle Black

Congratulations also to the following Ravenclaw House award winners:

Blue Virtue: Bev Grey
Bronze Ambition: Olive Snitzberry
Ravenclaw of the Month: Rosanna Gullveig
Hawking HOLer: Phedre Montreve

And congratulations to the Slytherin House award winners!

Singular Slytherin Award: Faye Roderick
Smug Snake Award: Nassa Dikaios
Sagacious Slytherin Award: Lalaith Lomoin
Eagle in Snake's Clothing: Severus McGonagall (Ravenclaw)
Lion in Snake's Clothing: Prof. Ben Quaddler (Gryffindor)
Badger in Snake's Clothing: Lilly Stargazer (Hufflepuff)

Don't forget to check out the latest edition of Slytherin's House newspaper, The Serpentimes.

It's down to the final four in this year's HOL Idol!

Vote for HOL Idol

The latest edition of the HOL Pen Pal Club Newsletter is now online.

Don't forget to vote for your favourite in Round 1 of HOL Idol!

May 2007 News

The latest edition of Gryffindor House's newspaper, The Paw Print, is now available!

Congratulations to the following Slytherin House award winners for the month of March:

Singular Slytherin Award: Ashlee Sully
Smug Snake Award: Olivia Charm
Sagacious Slytherin Award: Lalaith Lomion
Eagle in Snake's Clothing: Prof. Ulol Kimil (Ravenclaw)
Lion in Snake's Clothing: Eve Shay

The Tarots Contest, vol.2 is up and running!

Warm up your singing voices; HOL Idol is back for 2007!

And be sure to check out this month's Prose and Cons Challenge!

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