New HOL House Logos

The recent (and successful) Art Department contest to create new house logos for HOL has been voted on, the winners have been determined, and their work has been put forward for all to see.

Three cheers are in order for Cosmo Brown, whose shields you can now see on the individual house pages, as well as profile pages. These are now the official house logos of HOL; use them with abandon! Also deserving a hearty congratulations is Pezzie Wolfe, whose charming emblems can now be seen as the house avatars.

There was a lot of good work in the contest, and we hope to see even more in the future, as the Art Department heads towards its first fully-functioning year.

Missing Quills and Closing Classes

This is a reminder that the term is ending and that all classes have to be closed by Saturday. So if you are running a class, whether as student teacher or professor, then please set all current class members to either "graduated" or "not graduated" and when there are no more members in your class office then you can see the close this class (LOCK) button - push it :)

If you set a student to "graduated" you have to award them one quill. To avoid mistakes it is recommended to first award the quills and then to graduate your students. I found several missing quills from the autumn term and awarded them now so everyone has the corrent number of quills when it comes to advancing to the next HOL year.

26 missing Quills for Dreamology 101 (604)
1 missing Quill for Magical Charms and Talismans (601)
1 missing Quill for Magical Musicology (631)
1 missing Quill for Mexican Mythology (576)
1 missing Quill for Traditional Home and Folks Remedies (635)
1 missing Quill for Wands Workshop (577)

All classes that have not been closed by Saturday will be closed by the Headoffice on Sunday. Graduation will not happen before all missing quills have been properly awarded, so no worries if you have one missing at the moment.

Some Interesting Facts

I was curious how HOL is doing in the huge new world of Web 2.0, so a few weeks ago I installed a fancy new analytics program and tonight it popped up again from the deep dark dungeons of my brain. It looks pretty good over all, since we launched HOL 4.0 we steadily got more visits - so people seem to like it.

I checked where all these new people were coming from and what I found was quite interesting (and surprising). So I thought I'd share that with everyone and return the favour by backlinking to those sites who sent us the most visitors.

Number one is Wikipedia. We are listed on the Hogwarts page which is nice. But of course we deserve to be listed there after more than seven years.

Number two is, a site I have never heard of before but I can't know everything, heh. It's nice that we are the #1 match of 5,980 for Virtual Hogwarts and I don't mind that the Warner Bros. site is second place.

And the honourable mention goes to the Gryffindor Gazette where we apparently won the "site of the week award" some two years ago. Not that I remember having been told about that award but thanks nonetheless.

This Sunday the Admission Office will open again for new students, so all of you who come here for the first time from these or other references can join the HOL fun in just four more days.

Hogsmeade Herald Staff Members Wanted

Attention all HOL students and staff:

The Hogsmeade Herald, the upcoming newspaper for your neighboring wizarding village, is now accepting staff applications.

Needed: Editors, HOL reporters, Hogsmeade reporters, and Graphic editors.

We will also be needing some freelance writers, so even if you feel that you are incapable of fulfilling the duties of a regular staff member, please feel free to apply.

If interested, send an email with samples of your writing/graphic editing ability to before July 20th.


Pix Ouais
HOL Groundskeeper
Hogsmeade Herald Editor-in-Chief

New Library Project / Summer Adventures

There's a new project in the Library.

Do you remember your old summers? Tell us about how fun (or boring) they were.

Click here

New: Art Galleries

We have so many awesome submissions in the Art Department that do not get the exposure they deserve. This is going to change now as I have added a neat gallery page where you can easily browse through all the art in a form that you will probably enjoy:

HOL Art Galleries

When I find some time I will add all submissions from previous HOL Challenges there, because many of you probably haven't seen them at all.

Enjoy the new galleries.

Set and Remove HOL Positions

There is a new link in the Staff Room, HOL Positions, where you can (and should) set and remove positions which you are in charge of. You can only see those options that apply to your position, so this post only applies to the following groups:

Heads of House and Deputies

You can set and remove Prefects, Quidditch Captain and Quidditch Co-Captains of your own house. Heads of House can appoint their deputies here. So if there are changes in your house with prefects or quidditch captains you can make these count instantly, no need to post in the forum anymore.

Quidditch Captains and Co-Captains

Quidditch Referee is a new position. Please ask around in your house who is able to or wants to be a referee in an official match next school year and assign those people the referee position. Every house is strongly encouraged to provide several referees to make sure that referee points are distributed evenly and well... all the games need referees. Also, referees will get access to certain areas in the Quidditch Department (like the Question Set Generator) and will be able to test/download a new ref bot, if that works out as planned.


All members of the HOL Headoffice can manage all positions across all houses, incl. Heads of House, Head Students, Department Heads and members of the various committees and boards.

Thank you.

Changes to User Levels and Positions

This is going to be a long post, please be seated :)

There will be several (long overdue) changes to how user levels and positions are handled in HOL. Your position(s) determine your user level and with that what you can access on the site. For example a Prefect has user level 5, a Professor is level 20. The higher the level the more you can do (points, awards, editing stuff and so on).

For now seven years we had only one position field which made everything very complicated as you can either be in the Headoffice or a Head of House but not both. You could either be a Prefect or a Fifth Year Student, not both. When you were set Prefect or Head Student your year was actually lost in the database. This was not really a problem as your HOL-ID hints at your current year (assumed you haven't missed one inbetween but that is quite unlikely for Prefects) but now we are running out of numbers so this is no longer the case.

From next school year on (effective earlier, as soon as I have changed everything around) there will be the following general positions:

- Student (First Years to Seventh Years)
- Post Graduate Students
- Professor
- Headmaster (moi!)
- HOL Staff

- Promoted to Staff (former student accounts from professors)
- expelled Students
- quit Students

- Professor Emeritus (profs that do not currently teach)
- Staff Emeritus (former staff, now on vacation or inactive)

As you can see, Prefect, Headboy, Headgirl, Headoffice, Deputy Head of House, Head of House and so on will no longer be a general position and all of you who currently find these on their profiles will be reset to either Student (First to Seventh Years) or Professor.

You will then get additional positions assigned and you can have several of these. You can be a Prefect and Quidditch Captain and Deputy Head of the Music Department and so on... Depending on your position you can also assign positions to others. Heads of House can set their Deputies, Quidditch Captains and Prefects, Quidditch Captains can set Quidditch Referees, the Headoffice can appoint Head Students and Heads of House and so on...

The User Levels will slightly change. There will be a couple of new ones as there will be some new features which require a more flexible access structure. Here is a list of all positions and user levels:

Quit Student (1)
Professor Emeritus (1)
Staff Emeritus (1)
Promoted to Staff (1)
First Year Student (1)
Seventh Year Student (1)
Post Graduate Student (2)
Prefect (5)
Head Student (10)
Student Teacher (15)
Professor (20)
Mayor of Hogsmeade (25)
Deputy Head of House (30)
Head of House (50)
HOL Groundskeeper (90)
HOL Caretaker (100)
HOL Headoffice (100)
Headmaster (100)

There are more positions which are not relevant for the user level: President of an official HOL Club, Head or Deputy of a HOL Department, Member of the Quidditch Board or an official Committee, Quidditch Captain, Quidditch Co-Captain, Quidditch Referee.

You should find all your positions on your profile:

My name is Prof. Emerald Dybendahl and I am a House Neutral Headmaster. My current positions in HOL are: HOL Headoffice, Quidditch Board.

If a position you are holding is not listed then please send me a HOL Message and I will correct this.

Headmaster Award for Prof. Anya Chutney

The Headmaster Award has been given out to

Professor Anya Chutney

Anya is one of the most hard-working people I've ever met, always reliable, full of dedication for HOL, and you all can't even imagine what all she is doing "behind the curtains" to keep the school running smoothly and sort out problems and questions.

Thank you, Anya!

Take a moment to vote - HOL Idol!

Please take a moment to vote in the Final Round of HOL IDOL!

And, a special thank you to everyone who has been involved and worked so hard this year!

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