Some Minor Changes

Good morning HOL :)

The 'year' has now changed to 2008/09 throughout the site. 2007/08 is closed now. Send any late changes to the points or quills database to me via HOL Message only.

Heads of House and Deputy Heads of House can now group message their new First Years. This might be helpful for sending reminders or newbie Newsletters or whatever you do in your house for new members.

Post Graduate Students are now listed on the house pages right below Professors.

In the future logs and messages will be automatically deleted after four months. We do not have infinite space on the server so this is necessary. All HOL logs, pet logs, and HOL messages that are older than 120 days will be deleted from the server automatically with the daily clean-up.

We will populate the classes roster for next school year very soon. You will get a HOL Message from the Head Office both when your class application was approved or rejected. This will not all happen at the same time, please be patient, we will add classes from last year's professors or student teachers first as those can usually be approved without much work.

Have a great weekend.

Hogsmeade Herald Deadline Tomorrow

Just a reminder:

Anyone wanting to apply for a position in the Hogsmeade Herald (the official newspaper for the upcoming HOL Hogsmeade) needs to send in their application by midnight HOL time tomorrow.

The previous post:

We are also looking for house reporters -- one very active person from each house reporting on their respective house's news. The deadline for these applications is not tomorrow, but we would like to get the ball rolling on this as soon as possible.

Email all applications and inquiries to


New Head Students

It is on the behalf of the Head Office and with great pleasure that I announce the HOL Head Students for the upcoming school year -- Cassandra Lobiesk and Mark Mandrake!

*tosses confetti over all*


Graduation has been processed now. Check your logs, some of you should find some gifts in their treasures :)

If you passed the year you have been advanced to the next year now (also in the HOL Forum your user group has changed). Our 15 HOL Graduates should have received their diplomas.

Congratulations to all students who have passed the year!

If you haven't advanced to the next school year but you believe you should have, please send me a HOL message and I will check your case a.s.a.p.

Congratulations Hufflepuff!!

The winner of the House Cup 2007/08 is Hufflepuff

Congratulations Badgers! For now astonishing five years in a row Hufflepuff students won the most points for their house and the most prestigious trophy of HOL goes to Hufflepuff again. Truly very remarkable in every aspect!

The final standings of the House Cup 2007/08 are:

Hufflepuff - 114,318 Points
Ravenclaw - 112,138 Points
Slytherin - 95,471 Points
Gryffindor - 87,530 Points

Congratulations to all four houses. Never before in the history of HOL so many house points have been awarded. If you are interested in previous years' results then check out the HOL History Page.

Every one of you who has won points for their house has contributed to this success, as you can see from the close race between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff - every single point counts in the end. But I also want to acknowledge two students individually in this post because they hold a top position for the full school year:

Rosanna Gullveig of Ravenclaw won the most individual points of all students this year. 3880 Points are the most a Second Year has ever won for their house. The overall record of most points in a school year is still held by Gryffindor's Missa Matz with incredible 4563 Points in HOL 2006/07.

The best of last year's newbies (aka new First Years) was Castora Grimsby who won 3178 Points for Gryffindor. Congratulations, Castora!

Graduation will be processed later tonight so everyone has enough time to celebrate!

N.E.W.T. Results

We now have the first 15 students who have successfully completed their seven years of HOL education and passed their Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.T.'s). Congratulations to all of you, it takes a lot to make it through seven full years, to meet all the requirements for advancing every year and the N.E.W.T. exam was certainly not easy.

You will receive your Diploma of Graduation later today and you will move on to Post Graduate status where you can either further improve your wizard education by taking more classes or move on to join your house staff and become a professor. Whatever direction you will choose, I hope you will stay for another seven years at HOL :)

Here are the full N.E.W.T. results:

Missa Matz, Gryffindor - 102%
Leah Samson, Ravenclaw - 99%
Felicia Hartwick, Hufflepuff - 94%
Belle Black, Hufflepuff - 93%
Anne Damhsoir, Hufflepuff - 90%

Sindor Aloyarc, Ravenclaw - 85%
Vladmic Clwyd, Slytherin - 76%
Hermione Pena, Gryffindor - 75%
Ororo Granger, Ravenclaw - 75%
Claudia Broom, Slytherin - 72%

Seven Ashitaka, Gryffindor - 70%
Rogue Granger, Gryffindor - 64%
Krystal Jester, Ravenclaw - 54%
Alanna Pierce, Gryffindor - 53%
Marie Alexander, Hufflepuff - 48%

Professor Applications Are Closing

One week from tomorrow the professor applications will close. If you don't have your calendar by hand... the last day you can post your application for teaching a class next term, whether as student teacher or professor is next Thursday, July 24th.

We are looking to finalize next year's roster on the last weekend in July, so soon after you should know which exciting classes HOL will have to offer for the Autumn Term 2008/09 which begins on September 1st. Sign-up for classes will start on August 18th.

If your new HOL Account was deleted...

...then you most probably did not follow the naming rules. I will repeat them for you all now:

All HOL'ers from last year do not have to sign-up again. Your HOL-name must be firstname - lastname (eg. John Doe), not some one-word nicks or some nonsense as "Hermione43" or "OhMyMalfoy" - it must be a name. Offensive names are not allowed. All Harry Potter character names are not allowed in HOL - no "Oliver Wood" or "Ron Weasley". Invalid names for HOL are also: any impersonation of a celebrity (Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, George Bush, Katie Couric), a name of a well-known fictional character (Artemis Fowl, John Locke, Rory Gilmore, Bruce Wayne).

Ergo we had to delete some new student files today, incl. Esme Cullen and Scorpious Malfoy. You can find the complete list of rejected accounts here.

Signing up for the Hufflepuff Common Room!

Greetings new Badgers (those would be new Hufflepuffs). The Hufflepuff staff is working hard on getting a message out to each and every new member of HOL. For now, however, I’d like to greet you here and give you a bit of information that’s important for you to know!

While it is not mandatory that you come to The Sett ( which is what a Badger calls his home and we like to call the Hufflepuff Common Room), you might find it fun to meet your fellow Badgers and participate in some of the activities that we have there.

If you have any questions, please contact a Hufflepuff Prefect (*points below*)

(Everyone at the Sett has their own personal Prefect for any questions or problems that they might have. Everyone is sorted alphahuff-like and it goes by your FIRST name.)

Prefect Narcissa Heart - A - B
Deputy Head of House Felicia Hartwick - C - D
Post Graduate Anne Damhsoir - E - J
Prefect Tarma Black - K - L
Prefect Rorey Padfoot - M - P
Prefect Askeron Kyle - R - S
Prefect Mopsy Prewett - T - Z
(If you meet a Badger who forgot who their own Prefect is, you can refer him or her to that list so they remember!)

Welcome to HOL and Hufflepuff! We look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!


Prof. Anya Chutney
Head of House, Hufflepuff
Deputy Headmistress HOL

N.E.W.T.'s Close Tomorrow

Now that almost everybody has taken their N.E.W.T.'s we will close the exams tomorrow. The only two candidates missing are Venefica vom Lehn of Hufflepuff and Mirabella Nevlome of Gryffindor. I heard rumours that they are both currently hunting dragons in Mongolia, but should they come back from this before September they can contact the Head Office for an individual N.E.W.T. appointment.

N.E.W.T. results, House Cup Winner and Graduation should be announced on Thursday, unless something unexpected is coming up.

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