Secret Elf!

Haven't you always wanted to give your fellow HOLers a gift for the holidays? Well, here's your chance! Sign up for Secret Elf and help spread the holiday cheer!

Come Hang Out

Image shows a beige game board with alternating purple and orange squares along the edge. The bottom left square has the word 'START' diagonally across it. In the center of the board is the Hogwarts crest
Join your fellow HOLers for some fun at Gathering and Games. Everyone welcome!

When: 26 November, 5pm - 8pm HOL time
Where: #gamesroom

Have A Question?

Ask the MX HOL contestants questions for round two and earn BEANS!

Quidditch Game - November 11th

Image shows partial view of Quidditch pitch in Scottish highlands

The Hufflepuff Badgers play the Gryffindor Lions on Saturday! Come watch - bring your umbrellas and blankets and butterbeer. Be ready to cheer!

When: November 11th, 9 PM HOL time
Where: #quidditch
Watch and comment in: #grandstand

“Be Outrageous”

Image shows a copy of the book ‘Matilda’ set against a background of old books spanning two shelves, typical of a library. Image links to the initial discussion thread for ‘Matilda’ in the Book Club..
Join the Book Club for our latest monthly book discussion!

Image by Professor Amy Lupin

Time to Shine!

Image shows a shiny crown with the words MX HOL and who will wear the crown in blue.
Sign-up today!

Celebrating all things literary

Image shows the logo for the Hogsmeade Literary Festival, which consists of a typical Hogsmeade building made out of four books of different sizes, with the name of the festival below it.
Join us over at the Book Club!

“One Ring to rule them all”

Image shows a copy of the book 'The Fellowship of the Ring' set against a background of Rivendell, one of the cities in Middle Earth. Intricate buildings are surrounded by a forest and a mountain sits in the background. Image links to the initial discussion thread for 'The Fellowship of the Ring' in the Book Club.
Join the Book Club for our latest monthly book discussion!

You are invited!

Have you ever experienced a deathday party? Nearly Headless Nick invites you to one as he celebrates his 525th deathday party. Click the image to be taken to the party venue. Make sure you are registered to the HOL Forum to participate in the event.


image by Sirius Fudge

HOLLERS Fall Challenge

Image shows a train ticket from London to Hogwarts On Line dated 01 September 2017.
Click the ticket to begin your journey!

Image by Polaris Black

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