4.0 Directory Disabled

I have now disabled the http://hol.org.uk/4.0/ directory. You can not use this for accessing HOL anymore. I need this as a testing environment for new features but it seems that some of you are using this for general stuff - this leads to errors all around and things not working properly as this is... well... a beta/testing environment.

Please use only the main URL (http://hol.org.uk/) for accessing HOL and update your bookmarks if you have the 4.0 directory somewhere in your files.


Feed your Pets today!

There was still some glitch in the pets script so only about 10 of the pets were updating their status correctly. That has been fixed. So if you have a HOL Pet make sure you feed it today because it might just run away tomorrow when the script is running properly.

Fair warning :)

Regarding Student Teachers

I was browsing through the class applications that are already in and noticed very many student teachers, old and new ones. While we appreciate very much that so many of you want to offer a class, I was wondering why you apply to be a student teacher instead of a full professor.

I am sure one house or the other would love to have some more active professors in house matters. The more initiative comes from the house professors the more interesting your common room and house affairs will be.

I am really interested in learning why everyone who applied to be a student teacher chose that way instead of applying for Professor. It would be great if you could comment here with your reasons.

We can only have a limited number of student teachers per term and we don't want to disappoint someone with a good class application just because we just do have to draw a line somewhere.


Reminder - Class Apps Info

Just a small reminder to those 7th years who are Student Teachers or are wanting to teach next term. After you graduate, you can no longer *be* a Student Teacher. You'll need to apply as a Professor. *nods* Thanks!

All HOL-IDs are lower case

You login to HOL with your HOL-ID and your password. Your HOL-ID (students only) consists of two lower case letters and 3-4 numbers. There are no capital letters in any HOL-ID. While you can login with AB123 instead of ab123 (I might change this later) you can not access more sensitive parts of the site, like your private messages as the message script is case-sensitive.

So if you experience problems with your messages please log out and login again with your lower-case HOL ID.

Thanks a bunch :)

IE 6 Issues

I've got several reports today about rendering bugs in Internet Explorer 6.

List of Bugs

Internet Explorer 6 is an old browser version (designed in 2000-2001 and released in October 2001) and a very buggy browser that no longer is maintained even by Microsoft. There are more than 100 known rendering bugs in IE6, and to make a modern layout work in this thing you have to hack a zillion fixes. IE7 is much better, although it still has too many bugs.

I am adding fixes for IE7 all the time and the site should work fine there, it is hard for me to hack fixes for IE6 as I don't even have that browser installed anymore. If you want to upgrade to IE7 or - much better - just use Firefox like the majority in HOL fortunately does, then you get a much better HOL experience. Sorry for this but I don't know when I can add fixes for outdated browsers.

But things are not looking that bleak. Firefox 2 is the most used browser on HOL (40%), followed by IE7 with 39%. In case you did not know, tomorrow is the big release day for Firefox 3 and I can strongly recommend to upgrade immediately as it is noticable faster than the current version and naturally beats the Microsoft thing in just about everything.

So maybe those 13.5% of you who still use Firefox 1 and especially the seven year old IE 6 want to upgrade their most important internet tool now. It takes just a few minutes after all.

Use Firefox!

I've just spent HOURS fixing several stupid bugs evil Internet Explorer has with HOL 4.0!

Please use Firefox if you can, it is still the much better browser and you keep me from losing the rest of my sanity.

This translates as: if you find some more Internet Explorer bugs leave a comment here or send me a HOL Message.

HOL Messages

While I am working on finishing HOL 4.0 one major new feature is already fully functional.

You can now send internal HOL Messages to any HOL-ID. If you have new messages you will be notified on the main page.

This feature will solve several problems at once: for anything HOL related you do not need to check multiple locations anymore: Forum PM, email, and the like. Every HOL member can be reached no matter if their email address is outdated or not checked. You can always see if the HOL Message you've sent has been received and read.

Also, depending on your user level and position in HOL, you can send Group Messages now. For example, Heads of House (and deputies) can group message all their house prefects, class professors all their students and the Headoffice all professors. More group options can be added on request (like all house newbies or even prefect groups if they are not organized randomly).

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