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HOL Idol 2009

Yes, you read it right! It IS back. After one year of waiting, music will finally fill the corridors and halls of HOL once again. It's time for HOL Idol.

What is it?
HOL Idol is a singing competition that first took place in 2003. Its goal is to find the best singer in HOL at the moment. But do you need to be a good singer to enter and try your luck? No. Do you need to know anything about music? Absolutely not! All you need is some way of recording yourself, such as a microphone on your laptop and, most of all, you need to love singing! So don't worry if you think you're not good enough: everyone's good enough to enter this contest. You won't regret it!

Why should you participate?
Because its loads of fun! Also because you might help your house by earning points! HOL Idol will have many rounds and, per each submission that you send to us, you will receive 5 points. The final three contestants will be awarded special rewards, as follows: 3rd Place: 15 points. 2nd Place: 25 points + a quill. 1st place: 40 points + a quill.

What are the rules?
The rules couldn’t be more simple. Any HOL member is allowed to enter. To enter the contest, all you need to do is send us your audition by September 13th to holidol@gmail.com. Make sure you include your HOL name and ID, as well as the name of the song. By submitting your audition, you are agreeing with all of the rules in this post. The number one rule is activity. Make sure you will be able to stay active in HOL for a good amount of time. HOL Idol is a competition that takes its time and we don’t like when people quit in the middle. >:/

All HOL Idol submissions have to be in accordance with the HOL rules, so watch your lyrics! No explicit words or cursing! Deadlines are to be respected. No exceptions will be granted (unless you’re really really sick or if a dementor is after you). Submissions that do not follow that round’s theme won’t be accepted. Additionally to their submissions, contestants might be asked to answer some questions (usually just questions about themselves and their motivation), which they must answer in order to move on.

The judges for this contest are Prof. Ruben Orion of Gryffindor, Prof. Anya Chutney of Hufflepuff, Prof. Maya Winters of Ravenclaw and Faye Roderick of Slytherin. Winners will be decided by public voting in a poll in the HOL forum. Whenever there is a tie between two or more contestants, the judges will decide which contestant will move forward.

The audition round will have no theme. You can sing any song you want, as long as the lyrics are in accordance to the HOL rules. Any genre, any style, by any composer, even your own song if you want! As I said before, send your auditions to holidol@gmail.com by September 13th. Send all your questions there too!
Try your luck and you might very well be the next HOL Idol, engraving your name forever in the prestigious list of winners.

Let the music begin!

~Prof. Ruben Orion

And so it begins...

It was a dark, dank, and dismal night in the dungeons...and Professor Angelus Darklost was sitting in his office, finalizing the Mid-Term grade reports to send out to the parents off all the Hufflepuffs. In amongst the stack of papers on his desk, he found a page torn from a book. "Odd," he thought, as he perused the page, noticing that there was a message written in black Perma-Magic marker (with extra sparkle even).

Thinking nothing of it, he resumed his work...losing track of time.

Several hours passed, and with the candle in his office burned out, Professor Darklost finally got up, stretched, and wandered out into the corridor. Walking by, with a worried expression on her face, was Ravenclaw, Cassandra Lobiesk.

"Good evening, Cassie. What brings you down here?"

Holding up a book with a broken spine and a page ripped out of the middle, Professor Darklost recognized that this was one of Maya Winter's (another Ravenclaw) favorite book. "Oh my! That's not right! Maya would hurt the person that destroyed her favorite book. Where did you find that? And have you seen Maya?"

Cassie shook her head and stated quite dreadfully, "It was in the Great Hall at the Ravenclaw table. I haven't seen Maya since everyone left after dinner. She stayed behind to just 'get one more chapter in'."

With a bit of concern, Professor Darklost and Cassie returned to the Great Hall. Upon arriving back at the Great Hall, the pair saw a trio of First Year Gryffindors staring in the direction of the marble staircase. Walking over to where they were, Cassie and Professor Darklost saw written in dark ink "And so it begins...."

Coming Soon...

Ravenclaw's Holiday IRC Party

All of HOL is invited to the party, which we'll be celebrating with lots of butterbeer, games, butterbeer, overall fun with friends (old and new), and did I mention butterbeer? Even if you're only on IRC for a moment, just pop in #ravenclaw and say hello or greet us a Happy Holidays and New Year!

Two parties will be held (you're of course welcome to visit both!): one at December 31 from 10:55 pm HOL (5:55 pm EST) and January 1 from 3 am HOL (10 pm EST on December 31).

So add the dates on the calendar, put your fiercest clothes on, and shimmy it up for some PARTYING! We're looking forward to see you there!

From Santa's Ravenclaw lame helpers.

Take a moment to vote - HOL Idol!

Please take a moment to vote in the Final Round of HOL IDOL!

And, a special thank you to everyone who has been involved and worked so hard this year!

Semi-Finals for HOL Challenge

Semi-Finals for HOL Challenge

Task 7 - Part 1 | Task 7 - Part 2
Task 8 - Part 1 | Task 8 - Part 2
Task 9 - Part 1 | Task 9 - Part 2

You need to be logged in to vote. You can vote in all six semi-finals. The polls will close at midnight on March 8th.

HOL Challenge Announced

Are you ready for the HOL Challenge?

Class sign-ups are now open! Also, many courses have discussion areas in the class forum area, so be sure to check out the information there.

Vote for HOL Idol

The latest edition of the HOL Pen Pal Club Newsletter is now online.

Don't forget to vote for your favourite in Round 1 of HOL Idol!

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