Ready for a Summer Retreat

Image shows an island with palm trees in 8-bit style for the Oasis for edition of SerpenTimes
Click to enjoy!

First to the Key! First to the Cup!

Image shows Wade Watts from Ready Player One with the shadow of Emerald Cup on the left and the OASIS on the right
Create your OASIS username in the Dungeons to join the Emerald Cup Hunt! Click the image for more information.

All Houses are invited!!
Graphic by Namnori

Step Into the Limelight

Image shows spotlights on the words 'All About Me' for the latest issue of SerpenTimes
Don't be shy... Click to enjoy!

Come Seek Us Where Our Voices Sound

Image shows rays shining onto lake with Hogwarts castle in background with Spring Scavenger Hunt lettering
Explore the Dungeons and search for pieces of a spring-themed puzzle!

All houses are invited!!

Wake me up when winter ends

Image shows a sleeping snake on a snowy background for the Hibernation issue of SerpenTimes
Click to enjoy!

Slythmas Celebration

Image shows a venue with a Christmas tree with Yule Ball lettering
The Yule Ball Organising Committee needs you! Help us plan the ultimate dance party to celebrate Slythmas. Decorate the Dungeons, bring your favourite dish, then put on your fanciest apparel and stick around for the festivities!!

Image by the marvelous Cody Lewis

I wonder what this issue contains...

Image shows a mysterious path for the Mystery issue of SerpenTimes
Click the image to uncover the content!

Enemies of the Heir... Beware!

Image shows the Chamber of Secrets entrance with chocolate frogs and Slyth-o-ween lettering
Follow the chocolate frogs to the Dungeons… All houses are invited!

The Read-Along Continues...

Image shows the US edition of Goblet of Fire.
Join us in the Dungeons as we explore the 4th Harry Potter book - Slytherin style!

Image by the wonderful Prof. Cody Lewis

There's the silver lining I've been looking for

Image shows rays of light penetrating through dark clouds.
Click to enjoy!

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