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Trespass at the Herald

Dear readers and contributors,
Take a seat as the Hogsmeade Herald staff something to announce. As you may have noticed things have been going a bit slow lately, but we assure you that the staff gave its best to work as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, this was very hard to achieve as a few months back there was a break in at the Herald and all of our equipment was stolen, including even all quills and paper. While one may think its easy to replace all of that, in reality it is very hard when you don't have the funds.

Due to the low number of sold copies in the past period our finances weren't very good to begin with, so losing all our equipment struck the paper very hard. None of this came out in the public because we didn't want to worry our faithful readers and contributors while we tried to fix the situation. However, even after two whole months, the case is still an unsolved mystery and we couldn't catch the criminal. We do have our suspects (sadly some of them are from the staff as it was much easier for someone on the inside to plan and do this), but without any evidence we cannot prove anything and the case remains open. The Ministry of Magic has been working hard and they're trying their best, but so far there haven't been any updates. Obviously the crooks made sure they leave no traces behind.

We hope we have provided you with good quality reading material so far and that you have enjoyed our publications. However, it is obvious that trying to work under these conditions is a struggle for all the staff members and the paper as a whole, so we have decided to say our farewells and shut down the doors of the Herald. We might, or might not, make a comeback at a later point in time. Though this doesn't depend on the staff, but more on the conditions for work - if we manage to straight out everything and get at least to where we started, we assure you that you will once again be able to follow us.

Meanwhile we wish you all the best and hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays. Thank you for all your time!

The Hogsmeade Herald Staff

P.S. Due to the whole hiatus, it is possible that some of the publications don't show on the front page, so make sure you look at our archives as well.

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The Herald's A-Coming!

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New Issue of the Hogsmeade Herald!

Hogsmeade Herald December Issue

Hogsmeade Herald Deadline Tomorrow

Just a reminder:

Anyone wanting to apply for a position in the Hogsmeade Herald (the official newspaper for the upcoming HOL Hogsmeade) needs to send in their application by midnight HOL time tomorrow.

The previous post: http://hol.org.uk/blog.php?post=87

We are also looking for house reporters -- one very active person from each house reporting on their respective house's news. The deadline for these applications is not tomorrow, but we would like to get the ball rolling on this as soon as possible.

Email all applications and inquiries to hogsherald@gmail.com


Hogsmeade Herald Staff Members Wanted

Attention all HOL students and staff:

The Hogsmeade Herald, the upcoming newspaper for your neighboring wizarding village, is now accepting staff applications.

Needed: Editors, HOL reporters, Hogsmeade reporters, and Graphic editors.

We will also be needing some freelance writers, so even if you feel that you are incapable of fulfilling the duties of a regular staff member, please feel free to apply.

If interested, send an email with samples of your writing/graphic editing ability to hogsherald@gmail.com before July 20th.


Pix Ouais
HOL Groundskeeper
Hogsmeade Herald Editor-in-Chief

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