Hufflepuff Summer Camp

Image shows a wood plank with a pine tree on both ends. Caption reads 'Hufflepuff Summer Camp' Image links to the sign ups for SummerCamp.
All Houses Welcome!

Relax with a good book

Image shows a book set against beach sand with grains of sand having found their way into the book. Caption reads 'Summer Reading Challenge' Image links to the Summer Reading Challenge post.
Pledge today!

SQL 2018

Image shows a couple of men on broomsticks, playing Quidditch. One appears to be using a broadsword and attempting a decapitation on the other. Image links to the introductory post for 'SQL 2018' in the HOL Forum.
Join the mayhem as we resolve who won between Flanders and Transylvania in the first ever World Quidditch Cup!
Illustration: Tomislav Tomic/Bloomsbury

Going on an Adventure!

Taj Mahal on a blue background with a silhouette of Hogwarts as a watermark in the background. Text reads: World Wonders.

The Ravenclaw Summer Camp 2018 is finally here! We’re going to spend the next seven weeks traversing the globe to explore the New Seven Wonders of the World and you are all invited to join us in the Roost to begin the journey!

Bon Voyage!

Image shows map of the world with continents in different colors. Caption reads 'Backpacking 'round the World' with 'July 2nd to September 2nd' underneath it. Below the text are four different Harry Potter themed backpacks.
Join HOLLERS staff on their travels around the world!

Image by Polaris Black

Delving into History

Image shows a cave painting, many animals running, and words 'History of the Word' written on it. Image links to the introductory post for 'History of the Word' in the HOL Forum.
Join the Book Club as we explore the History of the Word!

Aaand Cut!

See you next year!
Dear students and fellow professors, I have a few important announcements to share with you. The school year is officially over!

The first mention of the day goes to the entire Ravenclaw House for earning an amazing 49,448 House Points and thus winning the House Cup!

Now please, a round of applause for the Slytherin Quidditch Team for winning the Quidditch Cup!

A big congratulations to Miss Shiloh Adlar of Ravenclaw for breaking the record for earning the most House Points in a single school year. She's managed to earn 5,881 House Points!

Every year, the Head Office and the Head Students award HOL Spirit Points for major contributions to our community. An overview of the Spirit Points for this year can be found here.

Those who have earned at least two quills have advanced to the next year. A complete list of members who've graduated can be found here.

On top of all that, there are some staff changes that need to be announced. I am pleased to welcome Professor Amy Lupin and Professor Kyrie Adderholt to the Head Office as they agreed to take on the positions of Deputy Headmistresses.

That is all for now. See you next year, cheers!

Come Hang Out

Image shows a beige game board with alternating purple and orange squares along the edge. The bottom left square has the word 'START' diagonally across it. In the center of the board is the Hogwarts crest
Join your fellow HOLers for some fun at Gathering and Games. Everyone welcome!

When: 24 June, 5pm - 8pm HOL time
Where: #gamesroom

Where no Alte has gone before...

yo what up Sky image shows outerspace and says Alte Exploration
Click to enjoy!

Ready for a Summer Retreat

Image shows an island with palm trees in 8-bit style for the Oasis for edition of SerpenTimes
Click to enjoy!

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