Project Category:   Category 3 (worth max. 30 Points)
Max. File Size:   300 KB
Project Start:   April 13, 2015
Submission Deadline:   May 09, 2015

Have you ever lost your favorite pair of spectrespecs? Ever forgotten what time quidditch tryouts were? Or have you ever needed a group of people to join your army in a plan to take over the world using Taylor Swift songs? If so, you've probably used your common room noticeboard! The Art Department is now giving you the chance to show off these flyers as works of art. Be as creative, bright, colorful, and crazy as you want in creating a flyer that could be posted in your common room. It might turn out that a member from another house has your talking version of Quidditch Through the Ages. You never know!

Make flyers no larger than 600 by 600 and no smaller than 400 by 400.

Project Status

The submission deadline for this project has passed.