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#1Megan Moody's AvatarMegan Moody (rated this 6)

A little quick, but well done. I don't quite understand it though.

#2Jane Sly's AvatarJane Sly (rated this 7)

Nice animation, but it is a little too quick.

#3Xiao Cheng's AvatarXiao Cheng (rated this 10)

The patterns and colours are really beautiful, but it did go a little bit too fast.

#4Peggy Chan's AvatarPeggy Chan (rated this 10)

Love the animation! The colours contrast well with the black background.

#5Patrick James's AvatarPatrick James (rated this 8)

Love the GAGA part, came really unexpectedly XD

#6Rosalie Mason's AvatarRosalie Mason (rated this 8)

I love the animation, but it went a little too fast for my likings.I love the butterflies and flowers off to the side, too.

#7Chantal Forget's AvatarChantal Forget (rated this 8)

I love the animation! It's really well done. The colors are superb! It would have been a bit nicer slower, but it still made me laugh :D

#8Ann Ong's AvatarAnn Ong (rated this 9)

Well, I love its changing and the feel! I think this was nicely done though the animation is a bit too fast.

#9Kirra Rohan's AvatarKirra Rohan (rated this 8)

The animation is beautifully done, and the colors are gorgeous. I really like the font, but like many others, I am confused about the message. (Which is why I'll just assume it's some inside joke with the quidditch team and forget about that part for my rating.)

#10Nieninkwe Blackowl's AvatarNieninkwe Blackowl (rated this 5)

The animation is good, although a bit too fast to properly read the message. The background illustrations are very nice and weel done. Maybe bolder fonts would have worked better on the black background. What I don't get is the message and don't see any relation with Quidditch.

#11Alyson Glimmer's AvatarAlyson Glimmer (rated this 7)

I like the black background with the pretty butterflies and the transition effects. I'm just not very clear what the message is. The red "GAGA" seems out of place to me.

#12Anna Badger's AvatarAnna Badger (rated this 8)

Butterflies are so charming, becouse of colours and black background! I like it!

#13Emma Jean's AvatarEmma Jean (rated this 7)

I love the butterfly!! And the flowers

#14Jenzi Darkstone's AvatarJenzi Darkstone (rated this 8)

Very cute! I like the bright colours and the blending of the butterflies, it's very nice. If the text animation were a bit slower, that would make it easier to read in one glance. It's great overall though!

#15Eno Thomas's AvatarEno Thomas (rated this 9)

I like this one. The butterflies in the left really blend awesome when picture changes.

#16Jinxy Jo's AvatarJinxy Jo (rated this 9)

I like this. I love the black background and then all the neon coloured butterflies! The 'GAGA' bit is awesome and totally describes Rorey. >:)

#17Vlad Sert's AvatarVlad Sert (rated this 9)

Black background with bright colours is awesome.

#18Ivory Leona's AvatarIvory Leona (rated this 8)

nice animation there.. I laughed so hard when i read she's GAGA!

#19Alexander Greb's AvatarAlexander Greb (rated this 8)

Good idea, but it doesn't have anything to do with quidditch. Love the font and the bright colours on the black.

#20Rachel Selenia's AvatarRachel Selenia (rated this 6)

Haha, this is so random, I liked that about it! Not so sure about the colours though, and the animation is a bit fast.

#21Kylie Joel Lonerins's AvatarKylie Joel Lonerins (rated this 8)

hahaha, at first i like the simple butterfly and flower background of it, looks nicely, then laugh a lot with GAGA! ^.^

#22Murkolo Rell's AvatarMurkolo Rell (rated this 8)

Nice! I love the swily font, its very pretty and soothing and then BLAM! GAGA! xD


#23Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 10)

Lol! This one made me both squee and laugh. I like the graphic overall, and the "Gaga" at the end just cracks me up. Great job! :D

#24Horund Smith's AvatarHorund Smith (rated this 5)

lol just a random GAGA at the end

#25Blake Delacour's AvatarBlake Delacour (rated this 8)

The colours are very effective! Very clever! Though I don't understand what it is saying. All I know is GAGA! :D

#26Meechelle Drizzle's AvatarMeechelle Drizzle (rated this 8)

first image i saw in this category and yet it is adorable.

#27Gabbi Myers's AvatarGabbi Myers (rated this 8)

This is really nice. I love how it changes and the colors with the black are awesome. It's funny too. Good job. I had to read it a couple times before i understood, but that's ok.

#28Amathea Evans's AvatarAmathea Evans (rated this 8)

I love this colorful siggy and 'GAGA' things <3 Umm, maybe it'll be better if you make the animation runs slower, so we can still read it well.

#29Bebinn Eszes's AvatarBebinn Eszes (rated this 8)

It's a little fast and the GAGA comes off as sharp, but it's lovely and I find it easy to read.

#30Analyn-Rose Crow's AvatarAnalyn-Rose Crow (rated this 5)

I love the colors, the butterflies and flowers, and the font. I don't, however, understand the message. Also, the animation is a bit too fast. I had to watch it a few times to read what it said.

#31Lyra Blackstone's AvatarLyra Blackstone (rated this 8)

I love the butterflies, but I don't get the words.

#32Niara Betellus's AvatarNiara Betellus (rated this 7)

I like that it is colorful and eye catching, but the animation is a little too fast. I think GAGA would have been better in candy apple red with the background black.

#33Julia Malfoy's AvatarJulia Malfoy (rated this 7)

I really like this. The font is cute, and so are the pictures! I would just slow it down just a teeeeeny bit. [:

#34Nymph Hara's AvatarNymph Hara (rated this 7)

kinda cool but I don't really get it.

#35Amanda P. X. Sim's AvatarAmanda P. X. Sim (rated this 7)

Just like what the others said, animations little slower would have been nicer :) But I do love the neon colours in black... except erm, no GAGA.

#36Dora Lyn's AvatarDora Lyn (rated this 7)

I like the smooth transitions, and the colouring, until it gets to the 'GAGA' part which pops up too fast and doesn't fit the colour theme.

#37Brielle Sky's AvatarBrielle Sky (rated this 9)

I love how creative this is and how colorful! Nice job :)

#38Tanner Helling's AvatarTanner Helling (rated this 8)

very interesting and well thought out :D

#39Lauren Ashel's AvatarLauren Ashel (rated this 7)

I love it!!! But the GAGA part does not really fit with the whole butterfly theme. Plus the GAGA color scheme is off.

#40Mandy Meyer's AvatarMandy Meyer (rated this 5)

It looks really good. I like the animation but I don't think it refers too much to Quidditch.

#41Scarlet Irisa's AvatarScarlet Irisa (rated this 6)

Not a big fan of the whole gaga thing doesn't fit with the colour scheme but I love all the black and neon.

#42Evangeline Lyra's AvatarEvangeline Lyra (rated this 7)

An amazing banner - My favourite theme colour of use are always Black + neon, and what's best is that it made me laugh, lol. Well done.
Although there's not quidditch comment though, I wish there was at least some (:

#43Lauren Dalton's AvatarLauren Dalton (rated this 4)

This is quite creative, however, there is no reference to Quidditch! It can be difficult for some to read because of the fast transitions.

#44Gabrielle Cadeaux's AvatarGabrielle Cadeaux (rated this 9)

I really loved the butterflies and flowers on the sides; it really made an impression on me. It was a bit too fast and 'glitchy' for me but overall it is such a pretty piece of work ;)

#45Hermionie Miranda 's AvatarHermionie Miranda (rated this 9)

This is really nice, I love the images and text, animation is just too fast, otherwise perfect.

#46BeckyJay Winchester's AvatarBeckyJay Winchester (rated this 9)

I love the different butterflies/flowers and the colours. I think the animation is a bit fast, but it's good :)

#47Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 7)

Nice reason :P Although the animation is a bit fast so it may take several reread attempts.

#48Ryan Granger's AvatarRyan Granger (rated this 9)

I like it. Its very colorful and shiny. Yes I have to agree the animation was slightly fast. But overall its very nice. Good Work!

#49Katelin Ross's AvatarKatelin Ross (rated this 7)

Very pretty, but the slides go too fast! Overall it is an awesome sig!

#50Kent Avery's AvatarKent Avery (rated this 7)

This one is nice, but I wish it mentioned Quidditch. Overall its a good signature.

#51Bee Percival Kent's AvatarBee Percival Kent (rated this 8)

I like this signature but the it's too fast changing....can you make a little bit slow.... :)

#52Beth Fox's AvatarBeth Fox (rated this 8)

Great signature! I love the colors and the graphics, but it's moving a big quickly. Nice work!

#53Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 7)

Nice graphic, good colour and good animation. Well done.

#54Karen Thompson's AvatarKaren Thompson (rated this 8)

I love the change in the banner XD

#55Katie Gryffin's AvatarKatie Gryffin (rated this 9)

i love the colours and text, i'm not that fluent in text talk so it took me for ever to work out what FTW meant! i think it could have been a bit slower

#56Kyrie Adderholt's AvatarKyrie Adderholt (rated this 8)

Even if it is for RoreyEagle......I really like this! The colors are really nice. Like Cassie said, animation is a bit fast otherwise I would've given it a 10!

(btw, that is not a slam against Rorey. She knows I <3 her even if she is trying to kill me >>)

#57Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk's AvatarProf. Cassandra Lobiesk (rated this 8)

Lol, I actually enjoyed watching this graphic! It was a nice transition between colors for the images, though it may have been a little too fast (which is probably I've notched it down 2 ratings). Overall, though, it made me laugh!

Side note to all future reviewers: the support graphic doesn't necessarily have to mention "Quidditch" or a Quidditch team. There are also just those who've shown their support for a particular player, and in this case, for the fabulous Rorey, who is taking part in the Seeker tournament.

So fantastic job! :)

#58Ely Granger's AvatarEly Granger (rated this 5)

Nice animation, but I think the same thing of Nassa: no reference to Quidditch

#59Allison Jameson's AvatarAllison Jameson (rated this 9)

I think this is wonderful! And I think the facts that it states her name, 'FTW' (for the win), and that this is a quidditch siggie contest is good enough for me! The colors are nice and it's very cute. :)

#60Nassa Dikaios's AvatarNassa Dikaios (rated this 4)

Not bad overall, but the animation is really choppy. Also, there is no reference to quidditch at all, either in text or images and I think maybe the "Gaga" must be a bit of an inside joke, because I don't really get it.