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#1Mairead Falcourt's AvatarMairead Falcourt (rated this 5)

#2Molly Pegg's AvatarMolly Pegg (rated this 7)

#3Thalia Krum's AvatarThalia Krum (rated this 3)

#4Sandra Bloomwicks's AvatarSandra Bloomwicks (rated this 4)

Very plain scene. Not much to convey springtime except on the tree. The door of the castle is nice.

#5Amber Woodlock's AvatarAmber Woodlock (rated this 5)

Nice castle and the tree in bloom is lovely :)

#6Rosanna Gullveig's AvatarRosanna Gullveig (rated this 6)

Simple, yet nice depiction of spring. I wish some things were outlined a bit more, like the tree, it would help it stand out more against the castle. Oh, and that's a really strong wind blowing!!!

#7Persephone Farnon's AvatarPersephone Farnon (rated this 5)

#8Rocky Rinato's AvatarRocky Rinato (rated this 7)

#9Aphelia Starr's AvatarAphelia Starr (rated this 5)

The colours are nice and springy, although I'm wondering why the grass is blue.

#10Ronja Liek's AvatarRonja Liek (rated this 3)

I fear I am doing you wrong, for I have rated this image as i would have rated an adult submitting this, and I fear that is not doing you justice. I have rated this so low, because you have such a childish style, which, of course if you are a child, is very good.
If you are young still, please, do not be bothered and do continue painting, and I think it is very brave of you to submit qand no matter what I say, you should be very proud.

#11Niniel Sanders's AvatarNiniel Sanders (rated this 3)

It looks very scetchy to me.

#12Prof. Esmerelda Knotwise's AvatarProf. Esmerelda Knotwise (rated this 5)

Looks more like summer than springtime, but I like your Hogwarts.

#13Rose Hanson's AvatarRose Hanson (rated this 7)

I like how the tree is blowing. =)

#14Olive Snitzberry's AvatarOlive Snitzberry (rated this 5)

I think this is a nice picture, but the tree is slightly odd..

#15Fern Davant's AvatarFern Davant (rated this 6)

I like the medium, good use of watercolor, but I don't think it's detailed enough, and it's sort of simple.

#16Kiriuta Yuzuki's AvatarKiriuta Yuzuki (rated this 3)

#17Mafalda Clearwater's AvatarMafalda Clearwater (rated this 7)

#18Ayahzy Nahki's AvatarAyahzy Nahki (rated this 6)

Would there really only be one tree around Hogwarts? It's a nice tree, pretty flowers and blowing in the wind, but there are probably more than one. Also, the staircases look rather unrealistic.

#19Ani Snape's AvatarAni Snape (rated this 4)

not much of a 'spring' theme here

#20Ireth Halliwell's AvatarIreth Halliwell (rated this 5)

a child's drawing! :D

#21Thaliasta McGreave's AvatarThaliasta McGreave (rated this 6)

very peaceful feeling. :D

#22Prof. Dom Gaidin's AvatarProf. Dom Gaidin (rated this 5)

#23Julia Weflynn's AvatarJulia Weflynn (rated this 7)

#24Claire Sebastian's AvatarClaire Sebastian (rated this 4)

Not bad, I like the colors.

#25Lorelai Lavington's AvatarLorelai Lavington (rated this 6)

A for effort!

#26Pit Ermione's AvatarPit Ermione (rated this 2)

#27Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 9)

Nice one.
Like the way you drew Hogwarts.

#28Serenity Thomas's AvatarSerenity Thomas (rated this 7)

Good try

#29Winnifred Seas's AvatarWinnifred Seas (rated this 6)

very bright!

#30Lalaith Lomion's AvatarLalaith Lomion (rated this 3)

The draw is very simple, the idea is not particularly original and I don't understand if they are apple or flowers..and this is important, since flowers are in spring and apples in summer and autumn.

#31Nassa Dikaios's AvatarNassa Dikaios (rated this 6)

A bright sunny day with strong spring winds! I like it.

#32Thoth Van's AvatarThoth Van (rated this 7)

#33Jenna Hathaway's AvatarJenna Hathaway (rated this 5)

#34Layla Wolf's AvatarLayla Wolf (rated this 5)

A good try.

#35Morag McQueen's AvatarMorag McQueen (rated this 8)

Very spring-like. I like your tree and castle, but the grass is slightly too blue for my liking, even for hogwartss...

#36Raphaela Guoan's AvatarRaphaela Guoan (rated this 6)

I like the blowing of the tree, as if the wind is flowing from that direction.
Good job on trying to draw the castle.

#37Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 8)

I think this is very beautiful, original and simple.

#38Iselilja Mira Mickelsdottir's AvatarIselilja Mira Mickelsdottir (rated this 6)

#39Adelline Aldridge's AvatarAdelline Aldridge (rated this 7)

its not very interpretive but its still pretty cute :)

#40Lucas Thor's AvatarLucas Thor (rated this 5)

#41Rose Alstien's AvatarRose Alstien (rated this 7)

It's pretty good, I like that you drew it yourself, rather than finding something online.

#42Marcie Hobber's AvatarMarcie Hobber (rated this 5)

You have used beautiful spring colours in your picture. But I miss a litt more details and maybe some students?

#43Neville Prongs's AvatarNeville Prongs (rated this 6)

#44Emily Aca's AvatarEmily Aca (rated this 3)

Um, I like the idea but it's too plain. You should have added more details and texture! The lines are also not straight.

#45Rorey Padfoot's AvatarRorey Padfoot (rated this 7)

Very Cute, I love the colors! :)

#46Prof. Ulol Kimil's AvatarProf. Ulol Kimil (rated this 4)

The illustration reflects an interesting concept as how the castle "breaths" or "eats" the tree. But the technique is kinda simple and the quality of the drawing is very low.

#47Prof. Iruel Riddle's AvatarProf. Iruel Riddle (rated this 6)

#48Iman Usman's AvatarIman Usman (rated this 5)

#49Momoko Asakura's AvatarMomoko Asakura (rated this 6)

Whoots! The first submission! That's a very good effort! I think you'd better use ruler for Hogwarts castle.
And the tree seemed like it was blown by the wind. It'd make sense if you added some leaves on the ground.
The ladders on the first floor also don't make sense because it can be viewed from outside. It's a little bit weird.

But I give you credit for your effort and for being the first submission ;)

#50Ashlee Sully's AvatarAshlee Sully (rated this 7)

Thats pretty good, I would have like to see something that indicated spring a bit more!

#51Prof. Charles Pendragon's AvatarProf. Charles Pendragon (rated this 10)

Finally, the first project! This piece looks like you spent a lot of time on it and you're the first post! Great work! I love the tree blowing the breeze. The Reddish/Brown roofs are also very nice.

#52Bev Grey's AvatarBev Grey (rated this 7)

#53Zuvona Miska's AvatarZuvona Miska (rated this 7)

I love the effort you put into the picture. I really like that you made it by hand.

#54Chloe Fairchilde's AvatarChloe Fairchilde (rated this 7)

Very nice. I like the soft, spring colors and the breeze blowing the tree. It's clear you put a lot of effort into this.