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#1Marilla Teague's AvatarMarilla Teague (rated this 10)

Yes very traditional. I love the fox, it adds great colour.

#2Karen Circa's AvatarKaren Circa (rated this 9)

Nice color choices and symbolism. Great sense of balance too!

#3Jacqualine Snape's AvatarJacqualine Snape (rated this 8)

I like this, very classical, I would love to know the story behind it.

#4Jinxy Jo's AvatarJinxy Jo (rated this 9)

I love the colours and the design. Very simple but sophisticated.

#5Ann Ong's AvatarAnn Ong (rated this 8)

It's very classic, just looks exactly what a crest should look like. Good work.

#6Amanda P. X. Sim's AvatarAmanda P. X. Sim (rated this 9)

Very nice... I love the scroll design elements by the side, and the colours match very well too :) Good job!

#7Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 8)

This is good and I like the design that you have chosen. Looks really cool.

#8Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 8)

I really like this one, I'm just not sure how all the various animals and items in the shield connect to each other. :)

#9James Wolf's AvatarJames Wolf (rated this 8)

It is rellay good. I especially like the coloring.

#10Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 9)

I find it interesting and it reminds me of a sheald!

#11Layla Wolf's AvatarLayla Wolf (rated this 10)

well I love the design of this. The arrowhead; unicorn fox and eagle are so well chosen and the overall effect is very original and smart.

#12Amathea Evans's AvatarAmathea Evans (rated this 9)

cool blue :) well, it's amazing!

#13Violet White's AvatarViolet White (rated this 8)

I really like the colors and the unicorn is cool. Nice work!

#14Ely Granger's AvatarEly Granger (rated this 7)

The quality isn't great, but it is cute.