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Ratings and Comments

#1Prof. Kyrie Adderholt's AvatarProf. Kyrie Adderholt (rated this 10)

I really like this one! It looks like it could be a poster you see in a theater!

#2Ann Ong's AvatarAnn Ong (rated this 10)

It just fulfils how I think the poster of this movie should be like. Classic, elegant, mysterious... Well done!

#3Karlyn Amherst's AvatarKarlyn Amherst (rated this 10)

This looks like it could be a legit movie poster! It's simple, but it gets the job done. :)

#4Alice Gistrene's AvatarAlice Gistrene (rated this 9)

This is a very nice poster and related to the trailers. Good job.

#5Kim Alting's AvatarKim Alting (rated this 9)

I really love it. The suitcases and the Niffler on top. It fits the theme perfectly. Also love the text. Although the little font could have used a little touch so it would have been more easy to read.

#6Magnus Ward's AvatarMagnus Ward (rated this 9)

Simple yet effective. Dark background works well, but letters could use some glow.

#7Alex Sparks's AvatarAlex Sparks (rated this 10)

OMG a Niffler, I love Nifflers! So cute. Overall perfect poster, I love it!

#8Cliodna Levebre's AvatarCliodna Levebre (rated this 8)

I love the way you designed this poster. Looks simple but so attractive, and by the way, what is that creature?? O_o

#9Leona Sapphire 's AvatarLeona Sapphire (rated this 10)

A very nice poster with clean and clear pictures and title! The suitcases and the creature were 3D, so they looks very real ;) Great job done!

#10Arianna Stonewater's AvatarArianna Stonewater (rated this 8)

It's so cute!! I love the suitcases and how well it fits with the trailers we've seen

#11Saphira Arrowwood's AvatarSaphira Arrowwood (rated this 10)

Very detailed and intricate. Really great art! Great job!

#12Kaiwa Alexandra's AvatarKaiwa Alexandra (rated this 10)

It looks like THE REAL movie poster!