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#1Alluka Aldridge's AvatarAlluka Aldridge (rated this 10)

what an amazing art! very pretty skull

#2Cliodna Levebre's AvatarCliodna Levebre (rated this 10)

The skull is great and really appropriate with the snakes. The logo is symmetric also.

#3Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow (rated this 10)

This is really cool. I bet a few more people would sign up to the death eaters to have this ink on their arm!

#4Michelle Erickson's AvatarMichelle Erickson (rated this 10)

Awesome, my only quibble is that Death Eaters would probably use Latin or pseudo-Latin.

#5Alex Sparks's AvatarAlex Sparks (rated this 10)

This is brilliant! Makes me nearly sad I'm not a Death Eater :o

#6Joey Stark's AvatarJoey Stark (rated this 10)

I really like the realistic tattoo style to this, could imagine seeing it in an artist's portfolio.

#7Intan Lestarie's AvatarIntan Lestarie (rated this 10)

the snake very fit with the skull!!

#8Xavier Ethan's AvatarXavier Ethan (rated this 10)

whoa this is so brilliant, and also the "death eater"

#9Kim Alting's AvatarKim Alting (rated this 10)

I like the skull, it is so different from normal skulls.
Also love the two snakes