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#1Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow (rated this 9)

Harry would definitely be celebrated on a coin being the saviour of the wizarding community. The only think stopping it being a 10 from me is that I wish Harry's image had stayed inside the inner circle or that there wasn't a gap at the bottom of the coin. A nice job.

#2Elle Z. Witch's AvatarElle Z. Witch (rated this 8)

Love it! Great job on the lighting!😀

#3Cliodna Levebre's AvatarCliodna Levebre (rated this 8)

The texture around the edge is my fave part of this galleon. Just look like a real gold.

#4Arianna Stonewater's AvatarArianna Stonewater (rated this 9)

I love how you made it look so shiny, and the texture around the edge!

#5Michelle Erickson's AvatarMichelle Erickson (rated this 8)

Nicely done! I could see the entire golden trio getting coinage.

#6Alex Sparks's AvatarAlex Sparks (rated this 10)

I like this a lot, it looks like one of those new collector pieces!

#7Joey Stark's AvatarJoey Stark (rated this 10)

I love this! It looks amazing, just like a new released Galleon. It reminds me of those commemorative special editions coins that sometimes get released.

#8February Fortescue's AvatarFebruary Fortescue (rated this 10)

Love this! Easy to read, colorful, and I can definitely imagine Harry Potter being added to the Galleon!