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#1Jennet Jones's AvatarJennet Jones (rated this 7)

The books flying through the air really add energy to this, but the ones right behind the big "READING!" make that part of the picture too busy. I like how you have duplicated just a few stacks at different sizes to give the impression of depth.

#2Ivorie Windton's AvatarIvorie Windton (rated this 8)

You definitely have a love for reading! Good for you. I like the pile of books, but the image is a bit blurry to me. Otherwise great job!

#3Polaris Black's AvatarPolaris Black (rated this 8)

This graphic totally illustrates your love of reading! It could be a little sharper though. . .

#4Atalinn Copeii-Devilsnare's AvatarAtalinn Copeii-Devilsnare (rated this 7)

Love the massive pile of books. I feel like this is what Ravenclaw's would happily do each summer.

I feel like the color of the font could have been different so the word would stand out more prominently on the image. I also have to agree that the image quality could have been a little sharper to avoid some of the blurriness.

All in all, great work. Your house will be proud that you are helping them achieve house points so early in the academic year once house points are awarded out. Keep up the good work and cannot wait to see what new artwork you post later in the year.

#5Fumei Shirokuro's AvatarFumei Shirokuro (rated this 7)

Love the books and the little heart. Have fun this summer with that pile ;)

The quality of the image is a bit poor, but it isn't that much of a bother to the whole graphic

#6Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow (rated this 8)

I really hope I get the time to do some reading this summer. I've got so many books on my "to read" pile! Nice job.

#7Ivelisse Ada's AvatarIvelisse Ada (rated this 8)

The flying books are my favourite!

#8Ariella McManus's AvatarAriella McManus (rated this 8)

Reading is a great way to spend the summer, and I love the way your graphic illustrates that.