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#1Freya Hatcher's AvatarFreya Hatcher (rated this 9)

This is really nice! Clarissa Ridney says this is from an anime, but I don't know which one. The boy from Ravenclaw has a sweet expression, though. :) Anyway, good job! I feel welcomed.

#2Axoria Joyce Waeyn's AvatarAxoria Joyce Waeyn (rated this 9)

Love it!

#3Ian Carson's AvatarIan Carson (rated this 10)

This is such a well-made graphic! It almost looks like an actual poster!

#4Clarissa Ridney's AvatarClarissa Ridney (rated this 10)

I personally like this anime, and yes they have different personalities like Hogwarts houses :D and I like how you retouch it and adds welcoming word.

#5Ariella McManus's AvatarAriella McManus (rated this 10)

I actually don't mind the background :) I love the way you have each house represented; very creative and pretty! I wouldn't mind having this as an actual poster.

#6Scarlet Black's AvatarScarlet Black (rated this 9)

This is a very well-done poster. Very creative! It definitely catches your attention, although I do agree with Bull J. Johnson and Kim Alting, the background could've been chosen more carefully. Other than that, this is very great!

#7Kim Alting's AvatarKim Alting (rated this 8)

I really like it. Although I ageer with Bull J. Johnson about the background. The people in the picture don't stand out now.

#8Bull J. Johnson's AvatarBull J. Johnson (rated this 8)

I love how you have each house represented. Although I would have used a different color background.