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#1Ian Carson's AvatarIan Carson (rated this 8)

This is a great picture! The bottom left picture seems out of place.

#2Kate Rosaph's AvatarKate Rosaph (rated this 7)

I like the design at the top with the snake on it.

#3Polaris Black's AvatarPolaris Black (rated this 7)

Great idea! I agree with my colleagues - the picture of your Slytherin friends should be more dominant and the home party picture should be less dominant. Otherwise, nice job!

#4Patty Lark's AvatarPatty Lark (rated this 7)

Good collage. However, I would put the pictures of Slytherins not at the bottom, and the Homa Party picture maybe doesn't fit with the rest.

#5Estin Lusiandra's AvatarEstin Lusiandra (rated this 9)

I think it is a nice picture. But, the home party picture is a bit not match wiith the slytherin. Over all is good :)

#6Ashley Margaret's AvatarAshley Margaret (rated this 7)

I love the idea of a Slytherin party and I really like the picture of all of the Slytherins! I feel like the colors of the Home Party image don't really fit with the rest of the picture though. Otherwise, great idea!

#7Victoria Walden Malfoy's AvatarVictoria Walden Malfoy (rated this 7)

Nice, but i think the picture of Slytherins, and the home party. Its so little bit going to the bottom of the pic. But still, nice job!

#8Bull J. Johnson's AvatarBull J. Johnson (rated this 8)

I do not like the bit on the bottom left. Other than that nice job.