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#1Grace Thrisulp's AvatarGrace Thrisulp (rated this 4)

This does not seem like an advertisement someone would use. Try using different color fonts and add a image theme, a hand drawn one works just as well as digital images.

#2Noor Akhter's AvatarNoor Akhter (rated this 8)

I love the bright colors, your advert is nice and simple. I love it!

#3Ariella McManus's AvatarAriella McManus (rated this 7)

I love the eye-catching bright colors; very attention grabbing. Good job!

#4Lamia Brickley's AvatarLamia Brickley (rated this 9)

It contains all the important information and the ad is not too crowded. The graphics are simple but neat :)

#5Kaiwa Alexandra's AvatarKaiwa Alexandra (rated this 8)

Aw it's cute. I like the Paint drawing or something not so complicated. And the colours go well together too!

#6Jacqualine Snape's AvatarJacqualine Snape (rated this 8)

Very good effort. I like how the bright colours, really eye catching.

#7Lilly Anderson's AvatarLilly Anderson (rated this 8)

I adore the colors! I wish the words had been centered however.

#8Kyrie Adderholt's AvatarKyrie Adderholt (rated this 7)

The color of the advert is definitely attention grabbing! Good job!

#9Amy Charz's AvatarAmy Charz (rated this 8)

I like all the colors used! I'd be sure to visit Dervish and Banges. (I'd be dragging along a first year, of course, and putting all of my supplies in their basket.)

#10Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis's AvatarProf. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis (rated this 7)

Great use of color! I'll be sure to stop by Dervish and Banges to pick up some items (once I find a First Year to tail *g*)

#11Kane Windsor's AvatarKane Windsor (rated this 7)

Good advert, but I have a pet peeve as well with the words being centered. Overall, good advert.

#12Ian Carson's AvatarIan Carson (rated this 8)

That's a good advertisement! If I could have on pet peeve, it would be how the words aren't centered. Good work within a limited medium (like paint)!