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#1Amelia Hart's AvatarAmelia Hart (rated this 8)

This is very well done, but I'm not sure about the font.

#2Cornelia Stark's AvatarCornelia Stark (rated this 8)

The general palette was a wonderful choice. You went for a winter theme and it's gorgeous. However, the palette, for all of its icy beauty, is a touch boring. A splash of color would have been nice, even if it was a subtle one. On top of the one-note color scheme, the text lacks a point of interest. It's simply there, hovering over the background. Try fading it a touch next time; I think a faded appearance would suit the snowy theme. Overall, very good job!

#3Marguerite Davenport's AvatarMarguerite Davenport (rated this 7)

I like to color combination, the text is very clear. You chose wonderful colors that fit your wintery theme. I think the Mockingjay pin was a nice touch. Wonderful job.

#4Spencer Hogart's AvatarSpencer Hogart (rated this 10)

The whole graphic is just beautiful. The blending of the clouds and the flower and I'm not positive about it but it also looks like there are mountains in the back as well. Wonderful work.

#5Annalisa Galloway's AvatarAnnalisa Galloway (rated this 9)

This graphic is very well done, and very creative!

#6Kiara Villuex's AvatarKiara Villuex (rated this 9)

Beautiful. The colour, clouds and flower fits together. Plus the pin in the end is a lovely mix to the picture.

#7Chantel Poole's AvatarChantel Poole (rated this 9)

I love the overlapping off all the images! they go well together and it is absolutely beautiful!

#8Alice Dove's AvatarAlice Dove (rated this 10)

What a lovely graphic. The font is readable and matches with the pictures. I love the blue tone you used for the graphic. Great job!

#9Hope Martin's AvatarHope Martin (rated this 10)

WOW as everyone's been saying, the mockingbird pin on the bottom right is GORGEOUS. Cute use of the "girl covered in snow" (girl on fire), tying into the book itself.

#10Fred Baker's AvatarFred Baker (rated this 10)

This is amazing. I love the color combinations and the color of the Mockingjay Pin is very nice.

#11Caneth Merlin's AvatarCaneth Merlin (rated this 10)

It's amazing how the Mockingbird pin has the background behind it and everything! Easily a ten!

#12Ivelisse Ada's AvatarIvelisse Ada (rated this 10)

This is lovely! Text is readable, overlayed images are lovely, and the pin is nice! I can't quite say I understand the flower but it somehow fits regardless. Great work!

#13Angelo Pacis's AvatarAngelo Pacis (rated this 10)

Love this picture. Really Awesome . Absolutely beautiful.

#14Atalinn Copeii-Devilsnare's AvatarAtalinn Copeii-Devilsnare (rated this 10)

Love the blue colored tone with this piece of art. Well done!

#15Beth Richard's AvatarBeth Richard (rated this 10)

This is lovely! The mockingjay in the bottom right fits in so perfectly that this is definitely a ten.

#16Bay Reilly's AvatarBay Reilly (rated this 10)

Loving the clouds and flowers in the background, and the different shades of blue are so pretty!

#17Niklaus Zacharias's AvatarNiklaus Zacharias (rated this 10)

Love it! The colors are very pretty!

#18Rohesia Crow's AvatarRohesia Crow (rated this 9)

Beautiful background and colors. I don't like the font though, it seems a bit too "playful" for the rest of the image. Its my only problem with it though. Great graphic!

#19Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow (rated this 10)

I absolutely love this. The background is so dramatic and the mockingjay pin is perfectly blended with the colour scheme. Very impressed!

#20Wicket Wilcox's AvatarWicket Wilcox (rated this 10)

I love the colors and the capitol logo in the corner. AMAZING :)

#21Morpheus Styx's AvatarMorpheus Styx (rated this 9)

I love the color scheme and the blending of images. Absolutely beautiful. I also like how it is the exact opposite of Katniss.

#22Nymph Hara's AvatarNymph Hara (rated this 10)

The background is so pretty, and the mockingjay matches in colour but also stands out beautifully!

#23Rosalie Mason's AvatarRosalie Mason (rated this 10)

I really love the background and how it blends so beautifully. The font is very nice, too!

#24Fumei Shirokuro's AvatarFumei Shirokuro (rated this 10)

awww it looks so pretty!! I especially love the mocking bird it gives such an nice blue/silvery glance to me!!
You used some nices textures that go well with eachother ;)

#25Anneliese Lee's AvatarAnneliese Lee (rated this 10)

Beautiful and brilliant! The colour scheme, the mockingjay...everything! Hazelle would be honored to have such a great sponser! :)

#26Laurie Lovegood's AvatarLaurie Lovegood (rated this 10)

Wow, this is amazing! I love the color scheme, and your texture use. c:

#27Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis's AvatarProf. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis (rated this 10)

This is chillingly gorgeous. I'm sure Hazelle and all of District 3, including the penguins, are happy to have your support.

#28Kaiwa Alexandra's AvatarKaiwa Alexandra (rated this 10)

Wooo beautiful!
My favorite part of this image is the mockingjay pin! So pretty!