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#1Seth Skylord's AvatarSeth Skylord (rated this 10)

TOO cute. just, TOO cute. i also love that you know that that's barbie..

#2Lori Jack's AvatarLori Jack (rated this 9)

I really love this! I love how it is all hype and so very true. The only thing that bothers me is all that darkness, because it could be cut a little.

#3Demelza Westwood's AvatarDemelza Westwood (rated this 10)

Sooooo adorable, very creative and so true!!! I love it! Well done!

#4Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 9)

I love the message you've shown here and how adorable the storm-trooper is. :) I would have cut down on the black border though, but that might be just me being picky. Anyway, great job!

#5Bere Lee's AvatarBere Lee (rated this 8)

This is very cute! It's simple and right to the point, nice job. the only thing is it's too much black for me

#6Emita Black's AvatarEmita Black (rated this 10)

This is soo adorable! The message is perfect for the picture

#7Chamomile Hammer's AvatarChamomile Hammer (rated this 9)

creative! so cute, so sweet, oh awesome work!

#8Daniel Zaz's AvatarDaniel Zaz (rated this 10)

Aewsome!!! This is hilarious! I wish i thought of it

#9Andie Smith's AvatarAndie Smith (rated this 10)

This is awesome! And kudos for the lego stormtrooper! ;)

#10Wicket Wilcox's AvatarWicket Wilcox (rated this 10)

It was very creative and cute! I love it!

#11Chadwick Cadet's AvatarChadwick Cadet (rated this 10)

This is reeeally awesome, and such a cute idea!

#12Kirra Rohan's AvatarKirra Rohan (rated this 10)

This is cute, and so true. xD It made me giggle, and I love how modern it is

#13Rhiannon Pfeifle's AvatarRhiannon Pfeifle (rated this 10)

Absolutely adorable! That totally brought a smile to my face. I love inspirational posters (I think that's what they're called... or is it moticational?) But it's so cute!

#14Lisette Westerveldt's AvatarLisette Westerveldt (rated this 10)

This is insanely creative and incredibly adorable. Great work!

#15Lavinia Rookwood's AvatarLavinia Rookwood (rated this 8)

This is very cute and it makes me smile.

#16Naomi Violet's AvatarNaomi Violet (rated this 10)

This is so cute! I really like it. ;)

#17Risa Swan's AvatarRisa Swan (rated this 10)

Man this is brilliant!! Can't stop smiling when I see this. Awesome work!

#18Ariella McManus's AvatarAriella McManus (rated this 9)

Very whimsical and with a modern edge. Well done; I l really like it!

#19Kaiwa Alexandra's AvatarKaiwa Alexandra (rated this 10)

This is awesoooooooooooomeeee! <3
And yea. Love comes in many size *nods*

#20Anneliese Lee's AvatarAnneliese Lee (rated this 10)

LOL. This is amazing! Did you make it? It looks brilliant! :D