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#1Prof. Lani Sil-Aria's AvatarProf. Lani Sil-Aria (rated this 10)

I like the effect of this picture its simple but its almost powerful.

#2Laura Shatterstorm's AvatarLaura Shatterstorm (rated this 10)

Amazing. The angle shows off the instrument perfectly, and the colours make it so elegant. Wonderful photo.

#3Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 9)

This is a great angle,I assume this is a violin?

#4Andie Smith's AvatarAndie Smith (rated this 10)

It's simple and beautiful, congrats! ;)

(I love the colors, by the way)

#5Alhena Turpin's AvatarAlhena Turpin (rated this 9)

Very elegant. I like the tone of this photo, very calm

#6Millie Fraser's AvatarMillie Fraser (rated this 10)

This picture is so moody... in a good way! It has depth and perfectly framed! I love it!

#7Caroline Abbott's AvatarCaroline Abbott (rated this 9)

I love the angle, and the way they showed the instrument in the photo is absolutely stunning! I love this.

#8Chamomile Hammer's AvatarChamomile Hammer (rated this 10)

so elegant, i love the colours, beautiful, unique :)

#9Joanna Wester's AvatarJoanna Wester (rated this 9)

Simple and brilliant. I like the angle of the picture. Good job.

#10Nymph Hara's AvatarNymph Hara (rated this 9)

Very simple yet elegant, and the purple hue is beautiful.

#11Hermionie Miranda 's AvatarHermionie Miranda (rated this 10)

The photo has excellent quality. I love the angle and shading and complexity of the image. Nice job in portraying the instrument!

#12Aurelia West's AvatarAurelia West (rated this 10)

This is wonderful. It looks all mysterious and is at a good angle. It is clearly in focus and very unique.

#13Demetri Evans's AvatarDemetri Evans (rated this 8)

Looks very elegant, mysterious, and cool ...^_^

#14Atalinn Copeii-Devilsnare's AvatarAtalinn Copeii-Devilsnare (rated this 8)

I like this. Elegant and simplistic. Beautiful.

#15Risa Swan's AvatarRisa Swan (rated this 10)

Beautiful photo. Soo artistic and mysterious. I like mysterious things XD Nice capture!

#16Kaiwa Alexandra's AvatarKaiwa Alexandra (rated this 7)

Nice edit, but i hope to see some captions there :)

#17Lisette Westerveldt's AvatarLisette Westerveldt (rated this 8)

This is beautiful! I like the edits you made to it--the coloring, shadow, etc..., but wish that you had added some sort of caption/text to it. Otherwise, great job!

#18Dracona Gorbash's AvatarDracona Gorbash (rated this 10)

Beautiful! The violin is actually my favorite instrument too :)

#19Alexander Greb's AvatarAlexander Greb (rated this 9)

Love the image and the colour. Music is simple and this image brings out how wonderful simplicity can be. Looks awesome!