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#1Josie Weasly's AvatarJosie Weasly (rated this 7)

Nice idea, however the picture quality is not of a good standard

#2Electra Mraz's AvatarElectra Mraz (rated this 7)

Very nice picture! Creative, fun and colorful. Though the font style doesn't really "fit in" with the rest of the picture and the quality isn't perfect either...

#3Patrick Kane's AvatarPatrick Kane (rated this 8)

This was very creative I liked the art that you put into this good job!!

#4Vanessa Tian's AvatarVanessa Tian (rated this 10)

i love the colors and the 3D pop ups. this is such a creative painting. i love it!!! :)

#5Isabelle Chen 's AvatarIsabelle Chen (rated this 9)

I like the vibrant colors and the background looks pretty cool too. But the pictures are kind of blurry. Overall its pretty good :)

#6Grace Black's AvatarGrace Black (rated this 9)

Colorful, but I feel like the background doesn't really work well with the colour of the text

#7Anneliese Lee's AvatarAnneliese Lee (rated this 9)

Simple, but brilliant! Nice catch phrase, but the background is kind of grainy.

#8Lillian Mayhem's AvatarLillian Mayhem (rated this 7)

I love it. Love the colors, the background, the font and the simplicity of it.

The only bad thing that I find on it is the quality of the images, in some of them you can even see the pixels.

But apart from that, its great.

#9Georgia Braidwood's AvatarGeorgia Braidwood (rated this 7)

I like the colours used however the background and picture are a bit blurry, but good job!

#10Arabella Black's AvatarArabella Black (rated this 8)

I really like the background. Even though it's a little faded and grainy, it works! I think the box around the lettering needs a little work. I love the colours used for the wording though! And, the phrase is excellent! "Quiddy Quiddy Bang Bang" - very catchy.

#11Chamomile Hammer's AvatarChamomile Hammer (rated this 7)

wow, cool background. I really like that one. Good font and nice colours. Good job :)

#12Dean Fuaddy's AvatarDean Fuaddy (rated this 9)

Really pretty picture. The only thing that annoyed me is the resolution of the cyan square. But I also love how you used the team's colours, so, it's pretty good overall ^^

#13James  Manning's AvatarJames Manning (rated this 5)

I really like the interesting and fun catch phrase but you could improve the quality of the graphics as they look as though they have been pieced together too quickly... great idea though

#14Ely Granger's AvatarEly Granger (rated this 7)

I like the font and the background but the picture is a little grainy.

#15Deviant  Hawkeye's AvatarDeviant Hawkeye (rated this 7)

I love the phrase. The border around the text could use some work otherwise it's brilliant!

#16Bella Rose's AvatarBella Rose (rated this 8)

This background is just a little bit bright .But It's very creative .The background Is just a little faded .But It does stand out In my point of view well done It looks great.

#17Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 9)

This is great! I really love it. :D The only thing that might use some improvement, is probably the border around the text, but overall it's good. ^^

#18Justine Provençal's AvatarJustine Provençal (rated this 10)

I really love the font you chose, as well as your use of QQBB's team colours! Well done! :D

#19Amelia Lockhart's AvatarAmelia Lockhart (rated this 8)

The phrase is adorable! I do think the image is a little too bright, but overall, unique. : ) Well done.

#20Ariella Bexley's AvatarAriella Bexley (rated this 7)

The background is spectacular! A bit too bright for my taste. Nonetheless, well done! ( :

#21Jessica Sophia Bennett's AvatarJessica Sophia Bennett (rated this 8)

Cute! I especially like the background of the quidditch pitch. It really ties into the whole point of this, and I think it's really cool that the broom is in front of the teal border thing, so it's like hovering in front. Well done :)

#22Alina Plopperpus's AvatarAlina Plopperpus (rated this 8)

I think this is very whimsical and cute. I love the bright colors and the faded square details you added in the background. The phrase is really eye catching. :)

#23Atalinn Copeii-Devilsnare's AvatarAtalinn Copeii-Devilsnare (rated this 9)

Very creative and different. This made me flat-out smile when I saw this. I love the color scheme! It incoporates quidditch with colors that lots of girls like. Great job!

#24Grace Thrisulp's AvatarGrace Thrisulp (rated this 8)

This is very unique and creative! The phrase is catchy and the colors seem to make lots of people smile!

#25Isadora Asquith's AvatarIsadora Asquith (rated this 8)

I think the colours are very creative and unique and would defiantly stand out at a Quidditch match!

#26Anjela Park's AvatarAnjela Park (rated this 10)

WOW! I really like this. Well done! It draws you in with the brights colors and I like how it is set up as well. Once again well done :)

#27Marceline Emelda Bennet's AvatarMarceline Emelda Bennet (rated this 8)

This is really cute, and I love the broom~ But it seems really busy and a little confusing. Overall, I like it, though :3

#28Hailey Potter's AvatarHailey Potter (rated this 9)

Nice! The colors are lovely, and I love the squares in the background and how sometimes they're clear and sometimes they're faint. I like a lot of things about this!

#29Lani Sil-Aria's AvatarLani Sil-Aria (rated this 8)

I like the phrase because, and I love the colours of the background it draws your eyes in.

#30Maya Winters's AvatarMaya Winters (rated this 9)

I love t his one :) Colours are perfect for the team and the background's very relevant. I do find the darker bit of stadium (I presume) on the bottom right a bit distracting and if the cyan box was less pixelated it might improve the graphic a teeny teeny bit. Overall great job though.

#31Michael Danieel's AvatarMichael Danieel (rated this 9)

TONS of creativity in this piece! Can't find any problems! Great Job!

#32Alhena Turpin's AvatarAlhena Turpin (rated this 9)

I like the colors and it's being so simple and so nice :)

#33Rosalie Mason's AvatarRosalie Mason (rated this 9)

I love the font and the colour of the text! I must say, that everything said before is true. I love this.

#34Ivelisse Ada's AvatarIvelisse Ada (rated this 9)

I love this one! The team colours are incorporated and Quidditch is clearly represented! The only problem I have with it is that it feels a little too busy with all the designs and whatnot xD.

#35Jem Reed's AvatarJem Reed (rated this 10)

What's to say that hasn't been said before? Well done!

#36Bere Lee's AvatarBere Lee (rated this 10)

an excellent way to cheer for your team :) the colors and background and even the font work pretty nice

#37Akira Yamada's AvatarAkira Yamada (rated this 10)

I have to agree with Alaia! This is great. And so fast! It's got the team colors, always good. I would have liked something related to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but this is Quiddy all the way! so still most excellent.

#38Alaia Logan's AvatarAlaia Logan (rated this 10)

\o/ This is perfect for QQBB, the garish colours will help us in our bid for victory by either blinding the other teams, or making them ill!