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#1Catriona Watson's AvatarCatriona Watson (rated this 9)

Ahh.. simple graphics plus simple words... simply wonderful. Well done!

#2Lera Kamerat's AvatarLera Kamerat (rated this 9)

I completely agree with this statement!An own home and success is what most people want :)

#3Bere Lee's AvatarBere Lee (rated this 7)

very simple, but direct to the point

#4Lani Sil-Aria's AvatarLani Sil-Aria (rated this 5)

It is simple but gets the point across.

#5Elise Dantes's AvatarElise Dantes (rated this 9)

I like the simplicity of it, and how a lot of us can relate. Straight to the point, and clear. Well done!

#6Nymph Hara's AvatarNymph Hara (rated this 6)

I think this could have been improved with a nice background. But, good ideas.

#7Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom (rated this 10)

I agree with everyone that it's too simple. That's why I love it so much --- it doesn't make your head hurt or anything, it tells you right away what the desire is. Great job, this is very cute! :)

#8Risa Swan's AvatarRisa Swan (rated this 9)

I like it anyway, eventhough it's quite simple but it shows whats this person see

#9Madeleine Benner's AvatarMadeleine Benner (rated this 8)

It's simple but I think it's very nice.

#10Katie Tate's AvatarKatie Tate (rated this 10)

I agree with Rowan, it doesn't have to be a Van Gogh for us :D great job

#11Ophelia Hoodhood's AvatarOphelia Hoodhood (rated this 6)

I really lik the idea, but i also agree that it was very simple, and you could have elaborated better

#12Rowan Dream's AvatarRowan Dream (rated this 10)

snorts people desires are simple >.> and this one made me lol sooo kudos to the maker and hello this is not the Louvre it is hol for fun and laughing :D

#13Ely Granger's AvatarEly Granger (rated this 5)

Yeah I agree with the other students; too much simple

#14Amanda P. X. Sim's AvatarAmanda P. X. Sim (rated this 8)

I like your idea. It's simple and honest, straight to the point :)

#15Sydney Alexandra's AvatarSydney Alexandra (rated this 5)

Easy to understand, but I was looking for something a bit more elaborate :)

#16Lucy Brooks's AvatarLucy Brooks (rated this 5)

I think that it is abit too simple but easy to understand