Sign-Up for HOL 2018: This is the new student registration for HOL. Please read everything carefully before you submit anything. You are allowed only one HOL account per person, or in other words... you are NOT allowed to play more than one character in our school. Double Sign-ups will be banned or deleted.

Please read the instructions on valid HOL Names carefully. If you sign up with an invalid name, your student file will be deleted by the admins, even after the Sorting, and you will have to re-signup with a valid name.

Your name has to be registered first, or your exam will not count. You have to pass the Entry Exam with 90%. The Entry Exam has been added to make sure that you know what HOL is about before you are joining. All the answers can be found on the HOL pages, especially in the HOL Handbook. You can get any help you want for the Exam questions, and retake it as many times as you need to.

A submitted Entry Exam will be graded instantly, and if you passed you can put on the Sorting Hat right away.

Please spell your registered HOL Name correctly, or your Sorting will not work! You must have passed the Entry Exam. You have just one try, only the first sorting counts! Please take your time to answer the Sorting Hat's questions as correctly as you can, so you don't get sorted into the wrong house.

You will get your permanent HOL-ID when you have completed the Sorting. It will start with the first two letters of your name, followed by a number. Please do not forget this ID, as you will need it throughout HOL.

You need a password for all your personal things in HOL, such as your Student File, House Points, Awards, Classes, access to restricted areas, joining clubs, contests or posting submissions. For your own safety, please create a unique personal password that you do not use anywhere else.

If you are not registered for the HOL Forum yet, please do so now. Use your full HOL-Name to register. Every House has its own Common Room. Please register for your Common Room seperately. You won't be confirmed for your Common Room before you have successfully completed registration, entry exam and sorting.

You can take up to five classes at a time. If you want to graduate and advance to the next year, you need to successfully complete at least one class.

Thank you,
Prof. Emerald Dybendahl (HOL Headmaster)