The Excuse

Well, yesterday we went out and we had to do this huge Transfiguration project where we had to transform all of the blue plants into stone. So, we were all out looking for the blue plants and Professor McGonagall gave us permission to be out past curfew. We were out until way after ten o’clock, so it was last enough already. So, I headed back up to the common room thinking that I would have to stay up really late so I could work on that fabulous essay you assigned. By the way, great topic choic...

Sample Story by Blake Granger (Ravenclaw).

The Burglar
Fane Ives emerged from the giant hour glasses. He had worked so hard to achieve those points, and now they were all gone. Which person could possibly do that without being caught? And then there was the question why.

Of course Fane was a true Hufflepuff, and he believed in people being trustworthy, but, unlike the other Hufflepuffs, the boy did not believe in every single soul. Normally his first suspicions would be against the Slytherins, rotten snakes as they were. Always causin...

Sample Story by Barbara Phoenix (Gryffindor).

True Colours
Colors… They make the world go round. It is interesting to see how some colors just go well together. At times, I wonder how Silver and Green go well together, but any Slytherin would defy me and say it does, and probably give me examples. The same goes for Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff.
Actually the last house, I hate to say this but it reminds me of a bee. Have you ever thought of that? You know the black and yellow, it really does remind me of that stinging insect. But that doesn’t mean th...

Sample Story by Lucy Greyback (Gryffindor).

The Letter
Dear Dark Lord (Tom Riddle),

I am writing this letter to tell you how much I know about your life in the past. And why I have stolen Salazar Slytherin’s Locket. I know that I should not be telling you but I know I have to. (Plus I will probably be dead by the time you read this.)

When you told me to tell Kreacher to do the secret mission. I told him when he got back to tell me every thing that you and him did. As I said, he returned to give me loads of ...

Sample Story by Daniel Zaz (Hufflepuff).

The Penguinators
Agent Blue Feet stuffed his bags with exploding fish. The humans would never suspect the star penguin of the recent blockbuster Tappin’ Toes. He was in fact the number one agent for Subzero. Subzero was a group of penguins from all over the world bent on world domination. They were tired of being oppressed by featherless humans and worst of all jeering other birds with their flight worthy wings. The penguins would show them all, everything from rock hoppers to emperors were pulling together...

Sample Story by Ariel Kingston (Slytherin).

A Twisted Fairy Tale
Cindyreller, or the mean little girl from the fireplace.

Once upon a time, there lived a man,and his second wife Myra, who was a kind, patient,saintly woman.
Living with them were the second wife's two adorable, sweet, and beautiful little daughters,Hazel and Gertrude.
Living with them, was the man's mean spirited, and obnoxious daughter.

Her name was Cindyreller, otherwise known as "The brat"
Cindyreller was a terrible child,...

Sample Story by Yavanna Basham (Gryffindor).