The Excuse

You know, I don’t normally do this. Lie to get out of trouble, I mean. But then again I’d never have to face the wrath of Professor Snape in Double Potions first thing Monday morning. Look at that deadly combination and I can see your lips quivering. So, I had to do it. But of course I also had to be smart about it. Good thing I had all this knowledge stored in my mind, huh? It always paid to be a Ravenclaw.

“So, here is how it happened,” I began, as he stared me with that scary ...

Sample Story by Jenna Hathaway (Ravenclaw).

The Burglar
It was the end of May and the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny, with a slight gently breeze to keep one from over heating. It was the kind of day that everyone should be outside enjoying, but they weren’t. Instead most of the students where stuck in their Common Rooms with their noses buried into their text book, what with final exams looming around the corner, not to mention OWL’s and NEWT’s. But Felicia had had enough of the Common Room. It wasn’t that the other Hufflepuffians were nois...

Sample Story by Felicia Hartwick (Hufflepuff).

True Colours
The Colors of Gryffindor

When I was being sorted into a house by the sorting hat, I was sure I would be sorted into the house with my favorite colors. Green and Silver. the dark and mysterious house of Slytherin. Much to my surprise the sorting hat said I belonged in Gryffindor! I had never been very fond of red and gold. However it turns out the sorting hat was right once again. Gryffindor is my true home. It is where I truly belong. While my favorite colors are still silver and ...

Sample Story by Castora Grimsby (Gryffindor).

The Letter
To the Dark Lord:

I should say I´m impresed you didn´t see all the footprints you left in your way. That is one of your many faults in your live, but I want you to know that not everyone is as careless and innocent as you Tom.

I recognize it took me a long time to discover your great secret, and even though I feel the guilt of my cruel acts, now I CAN do something to clean my past. You never knew, but before you take Kreacher, I told him to come back after you finis...

Sample Story by Yeretzade Gonzalez (Gryffindor).

The Penguinators
"Alright boys, here's the plan--" And that was all I got to hear before their voices faded. I intended to pursue them farther, however they snuck into an abandon building, and I did not want to risk being caught. I took a walk around the city, trying to formulate a plan on how I was going to catch the penguins in act when I did not even know what they were up to, and following them did not bring me much luck; they were always one step ahead. It was then that I decided to contact my partner, mayb...

Sample Story by Ashley Alison (Hufflepuff).

A Twisted Fairy Tale
This is the twisted story of Little Red Riding Hood. The true story is now told by the wolf.

Little red wolfing hood was walking in the dark woods on his way to his grandmother wolf’s house.
“Ah, what a wonderful evening” said little red wolfing hood. He was carrying a basket full of warm cookies for his grandmother who was in bed sick with the flu. As he was walking through the dark shadowy gloomy pitch black woods little red wolfing hood heard sounds that were beyond sca...

Sample Story by Daniel Zaz (Hufflepuff).