The Excuse

Dear Professor Snape,

Due to some unexpected event, I was not able to do any of the homework for this class. I tried to read the pages in the text book that you have asked us to study and do the exercise, well I was so inspired by the first part of the reading that I had to just go out and look for other student to tell them the joy of reading it. But unfortunately, I somehow lost the book as soon as I reached back to the common room. I don’t know how it happened, all I remember ...

Sample Story by Lucy Brooks (Ravenclaw).

The Burglar
Whoever thought being a teacher wasn’t a challenging job had never been one. Teaching in a magical school, for example, could be dangerous for your health if you had a weak heart. You could never know what those students were up to. Everyday they would pull new tricks that were smarter than the last. And the things they did… let’s just say that when I stumbled into the Great Hall that fateful morning, still trying to shake the sleep from my eyes, saying that I nearly had a heart attack when I sa...

Sample Story by Jenna Hathaway (Ravenclaw).

True Colours
The Bright and wonderful Colours of the Hufflepuff Badgers!

Well, what can I say about our wonderful house colours. Black & Yellow. Yellow & Black. At first sight it isn't the most prettiest combination, is it?
When I first saw the hufflepuff Yellow and Black , My first thoughts were " What was J.K Rowlings Thinking?", but now I understand the meaning of these colors and I wear them proudly. and she must have thought about those colours for a while. I can't image J.K putt...

Sample Story by Celeste Marivaux (Hufflepuff).

The Letter
To the Dark Lord,

My one wish has always been to join your Death Eaters and crush the muggles of the world beneath my feet. Generations of Blacks have always believed in wizard superiority over the filthy muggles. We even disowned members of our own family who didn't obey, cursed their names from our family tree forever. Wizards should rule over the muggles, They have been a bane to our existence for far too long.

I let you borrow my house elf to help further our ...

Sample Story by Ardeliah Longbottom (Gryffindor).

The Penguinators
Agent Blue Feet stuffed his bags with exploding fish. The humans would never suspect the star penguin of the recent blockbuster Tappin’ Toes. He was in fact the number one agent for Subzero. Subzero was a group of penguins from all over the world bent on world domination. They were tired of being oppressed by featherless humans and worst of all jeering other birds with their flight worthy wings. The penguins would show them all, everything from rock hoppers to emperors were pulling together...

Sample Story by Ariel Kingston (Slytherin).

A Twisted Fairy Tale
Once upon a time, there was an evil King and Queen who had an evil baby. At the first birthday party, they invited four evil demons, the demons of hatred, teeth, war, and ugliness. They were lead by the main demon, the demon of evil. They all gave the baby their gifts. Just as the demon of evil began bestowing his gift, the Lilac Fairy burst into the room! She was very happy because she had not been invited, but she decided to drop by anyway and see if she could turn the evil baby into a sw...

Sample Story by Coryphee Etoile (Gryffindor).