The Excuse

It all began this morning as I was leaving the Great Hall after breakfast and heading to my first class. I was exhausted, having stayed up every night this week, struggling to finish mountains of homework. Because I didn't feel like walking through the crowded hall, I decided to take a little-known shortcut on the seventh floor.
As I was walking, I noticed a lot of noise coming from down the corridor. When I got closer, I realized that someone was standing in the doorway to the Room of Re...

Sample Story by Allison Riddle (Slytherin).

The Burglar
Life is never entirely predictable when one has made an enemy of a Cullen.

Busy, yes. Complicated, certainly. Shorter… well usually. But predictable, no.

Which is why, in the early morning following the as yet undiscovered theft of the Hufflepuff citrines, Finn Cullen was to be found, alone, leaving the castle before the first bashful hint of dawn crept over the mountains to the east. He was often awake late at night, and early in the morning – a habit he had f...

Sample Story by Finn Cullen (Ravenclaw).

True Colours
When I see emerald and silver, well, Slytherin is not the first thing that comes to my mind to be honest. These are not the most bright and cheerful colours either. It’s not that they’d provoke feelings of bliss and delight in me, and yet there is something special about them.

I do not come across the colours green and silver in combination too often actually, but when I do I have a curious urge to stare at them just a little longer, they fascinate me. ‘How come?’ You might be th...

Sample Story by Noora Novel (Slytherin).

The Letter
To the Dark Lord,

So long have people suffered at your hands and I, once one of your most loyal servants, can no longer watch the pain and grief that you cause. Although I know I will probably be dead by the time you read this, it gives me nothing but great pleasure to know that I have turned out good and I will be a better wizard than you could ever have been. You may have thought it wise to trust me and my house-elf in protecting a precious part of your soul, you were wrong, jus...

Sample Story by Jinxy Jo (Gryffindor).

The Penguinators
They were coming.

From her hiding place in the false back of the closet, she could hear their little feet shuffling down the hall way outside her room. She had been hiding in there for days living off her supply of candy bars and juice packs her parents had sent from home. But they weren't going to last much longer. Just before she had hidden in here she had heard a rumor about the room of requirement being used as a hide out from the filthy penguins but hadn't wanted to risk try...

Sample Story by Ardeliah Longbottom (Gryffindor).

A Twisted Fairy Tale
This is the twisted story of Little Red Riding Hood. The true story is now told by the wolf.

Little red wolfing hood was walking in the dark woods on his way to his grandmother wolf’s house.
“Ah, what a wonderful evening” said little red wolfing hood. He was carrying a basket full of warm cookies for his grandmother who was in bed sick with the flu. As he was walking through the dark shadowy gloomy pitch black woods little red wolfing hood heard sounds that were beyond sca...

Sample Story by Daniel Zaz (Hufflepuff).