This class is a One-Term Class for HOL 2016/17 and currently closed for sign-ups.

Total Sign-Ups:  27
Current Class Members:  26
New Sign-Ups, not yet confirmed:  0
Dropped Members or Rejected Sign-Ups:  1
Graduated Students (Quill earned):  0

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Introductions ( Earn 5 points and 3 beans) Amanda Summers10105by Francesca Wendelgard
27 days 18 hours ago
Class News and Announcements ( Updated regularly)Amanda Summers356by Amanda Summers
49 days 14 hours ago
Getting to know everyoneSummer Callia220by Amanda Summers
55 days 16 hours ago
First Class DiscussionAmanda Summers130by Amanda Summers
62 days 11 hours ago
Questions/Concerns!Amanda Summers119by Amanda Summers
84 days 12 hours ago

2017-03-1230 Alexander BrightonLesson One Assignment
2017-03-1223 Lola Wolf Lesson One Assignment
2017-03-125 Lola Wolf Lesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-1229 Meredith MalkinsLesson One Assignment
2017-03-1230 Meredith MalkinsLesson One Extra Credit
2017-03-125 Meredith MalkinsLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-1228 Olivia ThornebloodLesson One Assignment
2017-03-1230 Olivia ThornebloodLesson One Extra Credit
2017-03-125 Olivia ThornebloodLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-1230 Star Andromeda BlackLesson One Extra Credit
2017-03-125 Star Andromeda BlackLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-125 Summer MarkLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-125 Livian Videl SilverLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-1229 Livian Videl SilverLesson One Assignment
2017-03-1230 Livian Videl SilverLesson One Extra Credit
2017-03-125 Summer CalliaLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-125 Amber GraceLesson One Extra Credit Introduction