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First Class DiscussionAmanda Summers461by Alexander Brighton
8 days 12 hours ago
Introductions ( Earn 5 points and 3 beans) Amanda Summers10116by Francesca Wendelgard
82 days 9 hours ago
Class News and Announcements ( Updated regularly)Amanda Summers362by Amanda Summers
104 days 4 hours ago
Getting to know everyoneSummer Callia228by Amanda Summers
110 days 7 hours ago
Questions/Concerns!Amanda Summers123by Amanda Summers
139 days 3 hours ago

2017-06-1830 Meredith MalkinsLesson Three Assignment
2017-06-1830 Meredith MalkinsLesson Four Assignment
2017-06-1815 Meredith MalkinsFinal Exam
2017-06-1830 Meredith MalkinsLesson Three Extra Credit
2017-06-1830 Meredith MalkinsLesson Four Extra Credit
2017-06-1815 Meredith MalkinsDiscussion One
2017-06-1827 Meredith MalkinsTerm Project
2017-06-1825 Olivia ThornebloodLesson Three Assignment
2017-06-1813 Olivia ThornebloodFinal Exam
2017-06-1815 Olivia ThornebloodDiscussion One
2017-06-1815 Alexander BrightonDiscussion One
2017-06-1850 Katelin RossWonderful Job this Term!
2017-06-1126 Alexander BrightonLesson Two Assignment
2017-06-1129 Meredith MalkinsLesson Two Assignment
2017-06-1128 Olivia ThornebloodLesson Two Assignment
2017-06-1128 Livian Videl SilverLesson Two Assignment
2017-06-1127 Livian Videl SilverLesson Three Assignment
2017-06-1130 Meredith MalkinsLesson Two Extra Credit
2017-03-1230 Alexander BrightonLesson One Assignment
2017-03-1223 Lola Wolf Lesson One Assignment
2017-03-125 Lola Wolf Lesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-1229 Meredith MalkinsLesson One Assignment
2017-03-1230 Meredith MalkinsLesson One Extra Credit
2017-03-125 Meredith MalkinsLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-1228 Olivia ThornebloodLesson One Assignment
2017-03-1230 Olivia ThornebloodLesson One Extra Credit
2017-03-125 Olivia ThornebloodLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-1230 Star Andromeda BlackLesson One Extra Credit
2017-03-125 Star Andromeda BlackLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-125 Summer MarkLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-125 Livian Videl SilverLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-1229 Livian Videl SilverLesson One Assignment
2017-03-1230 Livian Videl SilverLesson One Extra Credit
2017-03-125 Summer CalliaLesson One Extra Credit Introduction
2017-03-125 Amber GraceLesson One Extra Credit Introduction