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Current Class Members:  0
New Sign-Ups, not yet confirmed:  0
Dropped Members or Rejected Sign-Ups:  54
Graduated Students (Quill earned):  5

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2017-01-2229 Arfæstne MowbrayIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2228 Blue EbonIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2229 Celeste RivetIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2217 Charles ColeIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2230 Demi VogelIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2230 Hannah R ThomasIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2227 Liesel van RooyenIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2230 Michael SnapeIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2224 Myrtle StoneIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2216 Pezzie WolfeIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2228 Reggy FaradayIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2230 Sahej LakeIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2229 Serenity Aurora MalfoyIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2230 Vanessa HewittIntro Divination HW1
2017-01-2225 Blue EbonIntro Divination EC1
2017-01-2230 Hannah R ThomasIntro Divination EC1
2017-01-2230 Michael SnapeIntro Divination EC1
2017-01-2222 Pezzie WolfeIntro Divination EC1
2017-01-2230 Reggy FaradayIntro Divination EC1
2017-01-2230 Vanessa HewittIntro Divination EC1
2017-01-2230 Blue EbonIntro Divination HW2
2017-01-2230 Celeste RivetIntro Divination HW2
2017-01-2225 Demi VogelIntro Divination HW2
2017-01-2230 Hannah R ThomasIntro Divination HW2
2017-01-2228 Liesel van RooyenIntro Divination HW2
2017-01-2230 Michael SnapeIntro Divination HW2
2017-01-2230 Reggy FaradayIntro Divination HW2
2017-01-2230 Serenity Aurora MalfoyIntro Divination HW2
2017-01-2230 Vanessa HewittIntro Divination HW2
2017-01-2230 Blue EbonIntro Divination EC2
2017-01-2230 Demi VogelIntro Divination EC2
2017-01-2230 Hannah R ThomasIntro Divination EC2
2017-01-2230 Michael SnapeIntro Divination EC2
2017-01-2230 Reggy FaradayIntro Divination EC2
2017-01-2230 Vanessa HewittIntro Divination EC2
2017-01-2228 Blue EbonIntro Divination HW3
2017-01-2230 Celeste RivetIntro Divination HW3
2017-01-2229 Demi VogelIntro Divination HW3
2017-01-2230 Hannah R ThomasIntro Divination HW3
2017-01-2230 Reggy FaradayIntro Divination HW3
2017-01-2230 Blue EbonIntro Divination EC3
2017-01-2230 Hannah R ThomasIntro Divination EC3
2017-01-2229 Blue EbonIntro Divination HW4
2017-01-2230 Celeste RivetIntro Divination HW4
2017-01-2229 Demi VogelIntro Divination HW4
2017-01-2230 Hannah R ThomasIntro Divination HW4
2017-01-2230 Reggy FaradayIntro Divination HW4
2017-01-2230 Blue EbonIntro Divination EC4
2017-01-2230 Reggy FaradayIntro Divination EC4
2017-01-2230 Blue EbonIntro Divination Project

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