This class is a CLASS CLOSED for HOL 2016/17 and currently open for sign-ups.

Total Sign-Ups:  164
Current Class Members:  5
New Sign-Ups, not yet confirmed:  0
Dropped Members or Rejected Sign-Ups:  16
Graduated Students (Quill earned):  2

The discussion area for this class is closed. Please use the External Class Forum instead.

2017-06-2150 Ashley MargaretThanks for your hard work <3
2017-06-1815 Bull J. JohnsonPotions OWL
2017-06-1830 Lucy BrooksTransfiguration
2017-06-1830 Rosemarie HalliwellTransfiguration
2017-06-1830 Sirius FudgeTransfiguration
2017-05-0923 Bull J. JohnsonHistory of Magic OWL
2017-05-0930 Maxwell ShadowHistory of Magic OWL
2017-05-0930 Scarlett LacarnumHistory of Magic OWL
2017-05-0930 Sirius FudgeHistory of Magic OWL
2017-05-0928 Bull J. JohnsonMuggle Studies OWL
2017-05-0930 Sirius FudgeMuggle Studies OWL
2017-04-0728 Bull J. JohnsonDivination OWL
2017-04-0730 Jellicle MoonDivination OWL
2017-04-0730 Maxwell ShadowDivination OWL
2017-04-0730 Sirius FudgeDivination OWL
2017-04-0718 Bull J. JohnsonHerbology OWL
2017-04-0730 Lucy BrooksHerbology OWL
2017-04-0730 Sirius FudgeHerbology OWL
2017-01-2330 Lucy BrooksDADA Owl
2017-01-2350 Ashley MargaretYou're the best <3
2016-12-3030 Angel PevensieAncient Runes Owl
2016-12-306 Bull J. JohnsonAncient Runes Owl
2016-12-3010 Bull J. JohnsonArithmancy Owl
2016-12-3022 Bull J. JohnsonCare of Magical Creatures OWL
2016-12-3030 Jellicle MoonCare of Magical Creatures OWL
2016-12-3030 Katelin RossCare of Magical Creatures OWL
2016-12-3030 Shiloh AdlarCare of Magical Creatures OWL
2016-12-3014 Bull J. JohnsonAstronomy OWL
2016-12-3026 Jellicle MoonAstronomy OWL
2016-12-3030 Niamh CassidyAstronomy OWL
2016-12-3030 Shiloh AdlarAstronomy OWL
2016-12-308 Bull J. JohnsonCharms OWL
2016-12-3030 Sirius FudgeCharms OWL