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2017-01-1930 Bull J. JohnsonRequired December Potion: Tranquility Treat
2017-01-1930 Bull J. JohnsonExtra Credit December Potion: Sunny Smiles
2017-01-1920 Bull J. JohnsonAnalysis of Mint's Properties
2017-01-1920 Bull J. JohnsonEC Analysis of Garlic's Properties
2016-12-0615 Bull J. JohnsonOctober Extra Credit Potion: Mango Mash
2016-12-0630 Bull J. JohnsonNovember's Required Potion: Butter Beer #2
2016-12-0630 Bull J. JohnsonNovember's Extra Credit Potion: Druid Dreams
2016-10-0130 Bull J. JohnsonRequired Potion for September: Butter Beer #1
2016-10-0130 Teagan FalakRequired Potion for September: Butter Beer #1
2016-10-0130 Bull J. JohnsonExtra Credit September Potion: Nighty-night Elixir