Rowena's Realm is now OPEN!

Image of a roller coaster; text reads

All HOL-ers are invited to the Roost for an exciting visit to Rowena's Realm, which is now open! Click the image to be taken to the park.


#1Hannah R Thomas's AvatarHannah R Thomas ( 69 days 23 hours ago)

Marie, if you click the blog, it will take you to the site. If you haven't registered yet, please do so with your HOL name (please be patient with the approval). There will be tasks posted weekly, varying from artistic to writing. All we ask that you respect the HOL rules and have fun :)

#2Marie Dark's AvatarMarie Dark ( 70 days 9 hours ago)

"Roweana's Realm" sounds like a great place to adventure... will their be a writing challenge of how to get to this park or what would be in the park? Or maybe what different attractions and goodies would the park sell??
"Well done", on the title. I truly like it.

#3Hannah R Thomas's AvatarHannah R Thomas ( 71 days 19 hours ago)

Naming contest has ended! We welcome you to the now named theme park: "Rowena's Realm."

We welcome you to have a blast :)

#4Prof. Kyrie Adderholt's AvatarProf. Kyrie Adderholt ( 75 days 14 hours ago)

The naming contest has started!