Quidditch Game - March 18th

Image shows all four Hogwarts Houses and their mascots; the Ravenclaw Eagle and Hufflepuff Badger are highlighted
Graphic by Fumei

The Ravenclaw Eagles play the Hufflepuff Badgers on Saturday! Come watch, cheer and have fun!

When: March 18th, 9 PM HOL time
Where: #quidditch
Watch and comment in: #grandstand
CLICK for your Daylight Savings Time conversion

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#1Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black ( 185 days 13 hours ago)

Hufflepuff won.

Kara - go to the HOL Forum - here
That is where the Quidditch schedule is located, plus the outcomes of the matches which have been played.
Welcome to HOL Hogwarts. :)

#2Kara Grace's AvatarKara Grace ( 185 days 15 hours ago)

I missed them game!

#3Kara Grace's AvatarKara Grace ( 186 days 2 hours ago)

Who won?

#4Ella Lestrange's AvatarElla Lestrange ( 186 days 3 hours ago)

That was REALLY helpful. Thanks!!!😉

#5Prof. Tarma Amelia Black's AvatarProf. Tarma Amelia Black ( 186 days 22 hours ago)

Ella - open up the entire Blog post. For this game, and Daylight Savings, Professor Mott made up a conversation thing. Click on the thing which says CLICK for your Daylight Savings Time conversion and you will see what time it will be for the game for you.

#6Sky Alton's AvatarSky Alton ( 186 days 23 hours ago)

HOL-time is GMT (UK time) and its subject to daylight savings at UK pace (which differs slightly from DST in the US and elsewhere, hence the convertion link in the post). You can always tell what time it is Hol-time as it features on every page . You can find a comprehensive entry on it in the Hol Handbook ! :)

#7Ella Lestrange's AvatarElla Lestrange ( 187 days ago)

I don't understand HOL time.