Victory Awaits You...

 photo bbo2016_zpszdpldb3j.jpg the Peak of Mt. Olympus! All aspiring Ravenclaw Olympians are called upon to prove themselves worthy by completing challenges given by the Ancient Greek Gods.

Click the image to be taken to the activity!


#1Siobhan Burke's AvatarSiobhan Burke ( 376 days 23 hours ago)

Luna, check your HOL inbox. I've sent you a message :)

#2Luna Valdez's AvatarLuna Valdez ( 377 days 1 hour ago)

I've clicked on the image and read the article, and I'd like to sign up. But being new to HOL and all, I don't really know where to do so ': (
Can somebody help me, please?

#3Matilde Rayne's AvatarMatilde Rayne ( 378 days 16 hours ago)

Sorry, it's not, Oliver. :( Eagles only for this one, I'm afraid.

#4Oliver Strike's AvatarOliver Strike ( 378 days 19 hours ago)

I take it this isn't open to all houses?