Extra, Extra, Roar All About It

The October 2015 issue of the Paw Print is now up for your viewing pleasure! With a new location and layout, and many fantastic articles to read, we at the Paw Print are excited to share it with you.

We hope you enjoy it! Click above to be taken to the new site.


#1Sakura Watanabe's AvatarSakura Watanabe ( 41 days 1 hour ago)


#2Maxwell Shadow's AvatarMaxwell Shadow ( 534 days 11 hours ago)

Only just got around to reading this issue. Some fantastic articles and I really enjoyed reading it all. Well done to contributors and editors :)

#3Prof. Jenny Lupin's AvatarProf. Jenny Lupin ( 538 days 2 hours ago)

YAYYYY!!! Awesome work to everyone who contributed/worked on this!!

#4Wichan Rosaline Potter's AvatarWichan Rosaline Potter ( 540 days 12 hours ago)

what news in this month?

#5Ivelisse Ada's AvatarIvelisse Ada ( 540 days 23 hours ago)

Yes!! Perfect timing! I just settled into bed with a cup of tea. So excited to read this :)