#1Wichan Rosaline Potter's AvatarWichan Rosaline Potter ( 760 days 6 hours ago)

nice picture

#2Vanessa Tian's AvatarVanessa Tian ( 2221 days 13 hours ago)

you got noz brainz yo. coo lbeans.

#3Minerva Ollivander's AvatarMinerva Ollivander ( 2248 days 21 hours ago)


#4Demetri Evans's AvatarDemetri Evans ( 2250 days 1 hour ago)

Sounds great, I'd better join soon
This will be a fun September

#5Vanessa Cruise's AvatarVanessa Cruise ( 2261 days 16 hours ago)

wow sounds like fun

#6Ria Imbbey's AvatarRia Imbbey ( 2264 days 12 hours ago)

wow, so nice..
have fun :))

#7Sirius Fudge's AvatarSirius Fudge ( 2265 days 5 hours ago)

Have fun eagles!! I hope we badgers can also join the fun, as well as the lions and the snakes.

#8Tasya Alifiyah Hafizah Elizabeth's AvatarTasya Alifiyah Hafizah Elizabeth ( 2267 days 5 hours ago)

its got a be fun !

#9Vnove Drowen's AvatarVnove Drowen ( 2267 days 22 hours ago)

yay it'll be fun i guess :)

#10Bere Lee's AvatarBere Lee ( 2270 days 7 hours ago)

have fun ravenclaws

#11Lillian Mayhem's AvatarLillian Mayhem ( 2270 days 18 hours ago)

Looks interesting, have fun Eagles!

#12Alice Gistrene's AvatarAlice Gistrene ( 2271 days 2 hours ago)

I love the graphic!
Have fun!

#13Diana Granger-Malfoy's AvatarDiana Granger-Malfoy ( 2271 days 8 hours ago)

This looks really interesting! Sad that students from other houses can't participate. :(

#14Patrick Kane's AvatarPatrick Kane ( 2271 days 18 hours ago)

this is a very nice picture it really expresses some details good job

#15Gabrielle Montero's AvatarGabrielle Montero ( 2271 days 19 hours ago)

Ravenclaws only? Aww...
Have fun :)

#16Violeta Lost's AvatarVioleta Lost ( 2271 days 20 hours ago)

Is it Ravenclaw students only? aaargh!! Have fun! Looks nice :)

#17Atalinn Copeii-Devilsnare's AvatarAtalinn Copeii-Devilsnare ( 2271 days 21 hours ago)

I love this! Haha. This'll be fun!

#18Anneliese Lee's AvatarAnneliese Lee ( 2271 days 21 hours ago)

Have fun Ravenclaws! :)

#19Zoki Phantom's AvatarZoki Phantom ( 2271 days 22 hours ago)

Pavel has the best image, just saying. Have fun eagles!