Welcome all new Gryffindors!

Greetings! New student sign ups have opened again for the next term, so we'd very much like to welcome all new Lions to HOL and to Gryffindor.

Since not everyone finds their way to our fantabulous Common Room right away, we thought we'd use the HOL Blog to point you to the right direction. No one can be obligated to join the CR, but believe us when we say that if you for some reason ended up not doing it, you'd miss out on a looot of fun and a huge part of what being a HOL members is all about. Thus, wait no more and head over to the Gryffindor Common Room

Before you register your account, please be sure to read the quick guide to doing it correctly, found over here, otherwise you might not get validated on the first try. We realize that HOL can be pretty confusing for someone who has only recently joined that wonderful community, so remember to turn to any of the Gryffindor Prefects (the full list of them is posted right here for help and guidance.

Also, let us remind you that Gryffindor Summer Camp registration is open for absolutely all Lions and that it's an awesome way to meet your first Gryff friends and start feeling at home in your House. All you have to do is wait for your CR account to be validated and then sign up for the camp. Check here (the link won't work before you've had your account validated) for info about how to do that.

Again, welcome to HOL and to our lovely House!

Your Gryffindor Staff

Battle of the Elements (GSC)

It's that time of year again! As you may have been able to tell, the common room has been aflutter with activity. We're all getting ready for our yearly summer camp! o/

In previous years we've done Olympics, pirates, and many other things.This year our theme is a Battle of the Elements and the first team to make it to Mythical Mount Olympus will win! Of course, there will be many battles along the way...

Sign up today (you Gryffindors in hiding) in the common room for the best adventure you could have this summer!

Attention Gryffindors!

Beedle the Bard Challenge

Gather round all Gryffindors!

In celebration of JK Rowling’s new book, there will be a Beedle the Bard challenge for all Gryffindors brave enough to enter.. So get to the Common room, and join if you dare.

There will be 6 Terrible Tasks which the teams have to fulfil, testing your wit, creativity and cunning, all in theme of Rowling’s new book. This test of endurance and skill will start on February the first, but there is already an opportunity to get your team some early points to get a bit of a head start..

So don’t wait any longer.. Join now!


Two heads are better than one, and the challenging nature of this challenge requires you to battle in a team of two (so two people in one team).
Found a team member? Then you can sign up in this thread.
You want to participate but haven’t found a team member yet? Then refer to this thread.

Scared that’s it undoable? Don’t dare to join?
Don’t be! Find your inner-Gryffindor and subscribe today!
Not scared at all?
Prove it! Find your inner-Gryffindor and subscribe today!

Haven’t read the Tales of Beedle the Bard yet? Don’t worry! There is a tale in the Deathly Hallows which you can use as well! Haven’t read Deathly Hallows? Then you can just come up with a story! So no excuses not to join, it will be a lot of fun.

See you there!

- Ronja Liek
- Barbara Phoenix

For more information regarding the Beedle the Bard Challenge, go to thisthread. Any questions left unanswered? You can ask them here.

Changes to the Staff of Gryffindor

After many days of beating my head against the side of the Gryffindor tower and running the house alone, I have come to the decision that I cannot run it all by my lonesome. My staff helps enormously but I still needed a second in command. I have searched hi and lo in the Gryff house to find someone who I could trust with the secrets of Gryffindor and some people when approached ran away from me screaming. The one person who has always been there helping without question has been Missa Matz, and I didn't even realize that she already knew the most important secrets of the house anyway, some of which she taught me on my first day as a student.

I've always had my eye on Mrs. Matz but wanted to wait until she had finished her educational career here at HOL, but now I do believe that she has graduated. A task that is very hard to do.

Without further ado, and gnawing your ear off anymore, I'd like to announce that Missa Matz has accepted my offer of being the Deputy Head of House of Gryffindor. When you see her in the halls please treat her as you do all the rest of the deputies, but try not to hurt her too much. She did play 7 years if quidditch after all.

Prof. Hatshepsut Nahyan

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