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PiT is the Ravenclaw Prefect-in-Training program.

Anyone interested in becoming a prefect is highly encouraged to apply. Please click on the graphic for more information.
Image by Ashley Margaret

Alas, Earwax!

Sign-up for the May Ravenclaw activity!
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Image by Iris Ixchel

Good Eagles Go Bad!

April Ravenclaw activity! Click for more information about the "battle" to determine the Troublemaker in Chief

Image by Kaiwa Alexandra

Once Upon a RPM

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For years, The Kingdom of Ravenclaw has been ruled by King Cassandro and his loyal army of penguins. But now the King has decided to take a vacation. The only thing stopping him from a well deserved rest is that there is no one to take care of the Kingdom while he's gone. But in his great wisdom, he's set up a challenge to find a suitable temporary king. Will that someone be you? Come and find out, but beware, the challenges might just be deadly.

Picture Perfect

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February Ravenclaw activity... Sign-up today!
Image by Amy Lupin

Alte Flower in the Depths of Winter

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Image by the lovely Cassandra Lobiesk

Do you want to build a...

...Snowperson? :D

The Ministry of Magic Needs YOU

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Image by Polaris Black

Operation Santa Paws

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Image by Ariella McManus

"It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...."

Well, that's how it's supposed to go at any rate....

Unfortunately for Santa Claus, that was not the case this year. It seems that someone had been up and about in the Ravenclaw Common Room practicing their Potions. A deceptively harmless looking potion with a pleasant taste and appearance that mimicked a glass of milk. Left carelessly next to a nice plate of muffins, Santa mistook it for his snack-and you can probably already guess the rest. Yes, it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Goodbye Santa, Hello Santa Paws!

Santa no longer HO HO HOs, he MEOWS and PURRs, and he is not pleased!! Worse yet, Christmas is in jeopardy unless an antidote can be found AND FAST!! So grab your walking shoes, head over to Hogsmeade and get busy searching. There is little time to spare.

Team Bronze vs Team Blue

Bronze and Blue Olympics time, eagles! Sign-up today!

Image by the multi-talented Iris Ixchel

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