And that's it

Yay holidays! Congrats graduates! Some notes, yo. No dramz, it's too hot for this buggering.

So, another school year is gone, and we have our deserved Summer vacation.

But first I want to congratulate Hufflepuff House for winning once again the House Cup. These badgers are really hard working creatures.

Second, congratulations to our local witch, who earned way more points than anyone else. We will be giving torches and pitchforks at the exit to whoever wants tu burn him at the stake. Well done Zoki Phantom!!! (Needs more Ys)

And third, congratulations to RQT for winning once again the Quidditch Cup. Astounding work guys!!!

See you all on September for a new school year :)

Out of Hibernation!


After a...brief hiatus, The Gryffindor Paw Print is back and better than ever! Literally...Better. Than. Ever. A brand new look and brand new hoards of Butterbeer! As we said...CLICK! *

Image by Zenix James *


But yeah, our own Prof. Cassandra Lobiesk got appointed as CO-HoH for Ravenclaw House. She will share the responsibility with the lovely Prof. Rhi.

Congratulate or laugh at Cassie, your choice :D

Once upon a time...

...there was the chance to become HOL Headmaster.

The task was indeed a challenge, as Rames trusted me with his creation, and you know how are creators when handing out the trust of something very beloved into others hands.

But after 2 years, the burden had become very heavy, so I decided to find a new replacement to hand out the reins of this beloved community.

Please welcome April Fool's as new-------

Friendship is Magic!! So are Points!

awesome graphic provided by the awesome Laurie"Awesome-o Pony" Lovegood

Are you a hoarder of points?
*looks at Zoki & Eno*

Well if you are or want to start being a hoarder of points, HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!

Gryffindor House (after a bit of a hiatus) is ready to come out with their March edition of the Paw Print! However, we need your help and are willing to pay you in gum!!!! or points.

So if you are wordy, why not submit an article or two? Like to write stories, poetry, reviews on movies/albums/tv shows? THEN SUBMIT!!

If you are an artist, then submit a graphic or two. If you like taking pictures why not submit for all of HOL to see (just remember give a little background story on your photo). If you want to promote something in your house, HOL, or your artistic services, make up an ad and WE WILL POST IT! >:D (All artwork must be original!!)

All submissions must be in by March 25th Midnight HOL time , for our March edition of the Paw Print! Email submissions to

If you have ANY questions, PM Prof. Miette Bynny or Prof. Zenix James in the HOL forum or the Gryff forum or email us at

(Prose & Cons information will be up shortly)

Slytherin Hatchling Orientation Program!

Never say goodbye

Never say goodbye, never say goodbye
You and me and my old friends
Hoping it would never end
Say goodbye, never say goodbye
Holdin' on - we got to try
Holdin' on to never say goodbye

Bon Jovi

Prof. Anya Chutney, Hufflepuff Head of House, asked for retirement.

Ten years passed since she first joined HOL, and four since she became Head of House. She worked hard, and made Hufflepuff a great community, but real life sometimes pokes us, and hence, we must answer the call and move on.

Anya was an amazing friend and a great support in the Head Office, and she will be missed by us all.

Good luck Anya in your new adventures, and remember that HOL will always be here for you.

Prof. Felicia Hartwick (yes, I still can't believe it) will be Hufflepuff's new Head of House. I'm sure she will take good care of Anya's legacy... I think >_>

New quiddy people

It is with great sorrow, that I have to announce two new vict... I mean... Quidditch Board members:
Prof. Tarma Eagle Vesper Black and Prof. Jenny Lupin.

Unfortunatelly, a Lethifold ate some limbs from Alaia Logan when she confused it with her cloak, and so she had to step down. Thanks Alaia for all your hard work and patience with those crazy wackos.

Nothing to see here, move along

Holiday Serpentimes..Submit Now!

(Image by Alexander Greb)

Slythmas is here! And while we have a lot going on in the Dungeons just for our snakes, there are also celebrations the whole school can participate in!

The Serpentimes is looking forward to your Holiday articles! Send in your favorite recipes, instructions on homemade ornaments, or Christmas stories/poetry! Show off your elaborately decorated tree, even! Or, you can start telling us your New Year’s resolutions. Whatever you can think of! Submit by the 31st to get points for December! Up to 40 points available per month!

Additionally, there's a HOL-wide contest going on over at The Scribbler! Using the program provided, draw something that represents the winter holidays to you to earn an extra 10 points! You have 'til the 24th to enter!

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