Happy New Years!!

 photo SlytheringInTheNewYear_zps33ea7b3c.png

Come on down to the Dungeons and celebrate the New Year in Slytherin Style ^_^

Slythmas in the Dungeons!

 photo slythmas2013_zpsdbb995c7.jpg

Hey Slytherins! Head on over to the Dungeons and check out The 12 Days of Slythmas! A new activity will be posted each day, Dec. 13-24. All activities will be open until Dec. 31. Come participate in the fun!! Thank you Bagel for the image

The SerpenTimes is Back!

Check out the new issue of the ST.

Colors colors everywhere....

Click the graphic to be taken to the Dungeon!

Slytherins! Come join us in the Dungeons for some colourful fun!!!


Click the graphic to be taken to the Dungeon!

Slytherins, it's that time of year again. Slyth-O-Ween has come to the Dungeons. Come check out all the spooky things the house has created for you.

Keep Alive for the SerpenTimes

Click the image for more information!


Welcome New Snakes!

New to HOL? Need help in the dungeons? Click the link and come join S.H.O.P. More details given in the dungeons!

Harry Potter's Birthday Celebration

Join the party!

No need to RSVP, just come join the party.

All snakes are welcome to join in the festivities.

**Clicky the image**

Tired of bright, happy Valentine's Day activities?
Then here's a Slytherin activity just for you!
Join us in the Dungeons right now to participate in A Very Slytherin Anti-Valentine's Day!

*Image by Rosemarie Halliwell*

Tis the season for Slythmas!

**Clicky the image**

Merry Slythmas, HOL! It's that time of year again! Celebrate your Slythmas this year with fun activities in the Dungeons!

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