The sun is shining and life's a peach...

...So grab an issue of the Alte and head to the beach!
Image by Cassandra Lobiesk

The Greatest Show on Earth!

*cue circus-music right here*

Seriously, though. Submit your drabbles :D

Bingo Bonanza!

Beans, beans, points, and more beans! Grab Lady Luck by the hand and join the Bingo Dance. Free butterbeer on tap as you try your luck in hopes of having the winning card. The jackpots are HUGE, so hurry over as soon as you can. Let's break out those magic markers and get busy!!!

Calling all Eagles! There's a Bingo Party happening in the Roost!

Become a prefect!

See the Roost for more details.

Professors Adderholt and Szilagyi are not liable for any harm you may incur under the supervision of Ryan Granger and Arielle Lemoyne...

It's not about chocolate! It's about challenges!


Are you more Adele or Di Caprio?
We wouldn't know!
Take the M&M challenges now!

And yes, there will be chocolate

For She's a Jolly Good Alte

Which nobody can deny!

Double issue all the way. Have fun! :D

So you want to be a seeker kid well, whoop dee doo...

>> click on the link?

A Dig for Dinosaurs!

In celebration of its 50th issue, Alte will be hosting a double-feature February-April issue. If you want to submit some more, send things away by April 1! Click the image for the second DBC of the double-issue :D

RPM 2016: May the Force be with you...


Dear House of Ravenclaw,

I am pleased to inform you that many of your members are Force-sensitive and could benefit from some proper training. You are eligible for our accelerated program of study, which begins today.

Training Syllabus
Week 1: The Amazing Race
Week 2: Youngling to Padawan Training
Week 3: Padawan to Jedi Knight Training
Week 4: Star Wars Simulation

Luke Skywalker, Jedi Grand Master
Jedi Training Academy

Knock Knock


Just as mysteriously as it had disappeared, the famous doorknocker has returned. No one really knows why the knocker disappeared in the first place, but rumor has it that Ryan Granger kept getting locked out and the other Ravenclaws were tired of having to let him in all the time. After a several year hiatus, the knocker has returned -this time on a new door. Hiding against a far wall in the tower, a small door stands. Lengths of blue, silver silk drape the frame of the door, while the center is adorned with a Ravenclaw tradition; the knocker of infinite riddles.

Since the knocker has returned, it's posed a new challenge to students: Answer its riddle, and gain access to the secrets hidden behind it. Answer incorrectly, and you'll be left wondering what's really behind the door.

Graphic by Cassie

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