Victory Awaits You...

 photo bbo2016_zpszdpldb3j.jpg the Peak of Mt. Olympus! All aspiring Ravenclaw Olympians are called upon to prove themselves worthy by completing challenges given by the Ancient Greek Gods.

Click the image to be taken to the activity!

Something Alte This Way Comes!

A little late in the publishing bit, but in my defense, it's eventful October. Yep.

Also, The Alte has moved to a different domain for the meantime! Click the image to be taken to her new home.

- Cassie

The Alte Is Open For Business!

The Alte is open for submissions!

For Drabble Babble Challenge info, CLICK HERE.

For this year's BINGO Creative Writing Challenge, CLICK HERE.

So what are you waiting for? Keep calm and write on!

Hogwarts Magical Pride Month

All Eagles are invited to bring their muggle relatives to learn about magical plants and animals, meet House-elves, Centaurs, and Merpeople, take classes and watch demonstrations, visit Hogsmeade, play games and sports, and much much more!

You're late! You're late for a very important debate!

Wonderland has been making many parts of HOL topsy-turvy and the Debate Club is no exception. All houses are invited to join in our summer debate event, come and try your best (or worst). Click on the image to head over to the Roost and check it out!

The sun is shining and life's a peach...

...So grab an issue of the Alte and head to the beach!
Image by Cassandra Lobiesk

The Greatest Show on Earth!

*cue circus-music right here*

Seriously, though. Submit your drabbles :D

Bingo Bonanza!

Beans, beans, points, and more beans! Grab Lady Luck by the hand and join the Bingo Dance. Free butterbeer on tap as you try your luck in hopes of having the winning card. The jackpots are HUGE, so hurry over as soon as you can. Let's break out those magic markers and get busy!!!

Calling all Eagles! There's a Bingo Party happening in the Roost!

Become a prefect!

See the Roost for more details.

Professors Adderholt and Szilagyi are not liable for any harm you may incur under the supervision of Ryan Granger and Arielle Lemoyne...

It's not about chocolate! It's about challenges!


Are you more Adele or Di Caprio?
We wouldn't know!
Take the M&M challenges now!

And yes, there will be chocolate

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