March 2007 News I

Sir Paddy wishes to remind all HOL students that if they ever feel the need to quit HOL, please do not send mail or PMs to people asking to be deleted. Instead, post in this board so that your request can be dealt with.

There's a new project in the Art Department!

The latest edition of Ravenclaw House's newspaper, the Alte Sententiam, is now online!

There's a new Muggle Question of the Month for March.

If you are having difficulties editing your HOL Profile, make sure that when you log in, you enter your HOL ID in lowercase.

It's time again for the announcement of the annual Eagle Award winners!

February 2007 News

Prof. Ulol Kimil has posted information on how to rate an HOL Library project.

Congratulations to the following Gryffindor House award winner for the month of January:

The Platinum Quill Award: Missa Matz

Congratulations also to the following Hufflepuff House award winners:

Badger Cub Award: Andie Tucker
Hungarian Horntail Award: Jake Patil
Scholarly Badger Award: Danya Amaritu (First Year), Rorey Padfoot (Second Year), Mopsy Prewett (Third Year), Tarma Black (Fourth Year), Rachel Sandersen (Fifth Year), and Felicia Hartwick (Sixth Year)

And congratulations the to the following Ravenclaw House award winners!

Blue Virtue: Severus McGonagall
Bronze Ambition: Ireth Halliwell
Ravenclaw of the Month: Catriona Watson
Hawking HOLer: Sandra Bloomwicks

The newest issue of the HOL Pen Pal Club Newsletter has just been released.

January 2007 News

Congratulations to the following Hufflepuff House award winners for the month of December:

Badger Cub Award: Danya Amaritu
Badger By Another Name: Mark Mandrake (Ravenclaw) and Moiraine Lee (Gryffindor)
Order of Helga (Hard Work) Award: Prof. Olivia Rictusempra, Prof. Anya Chutney, Cosmo Brown, and Lera Kamerat
House Spirit Award: Jake Patil
Bright Badger Award: Tarma Black
Golden Foster Award: Keaira Flian, Melody Greenspell, Mopsy Prewett, and Tarma Black

Congratulations also to the winners of the Day After contest!


The latest edition of The Squibbler is now online!

The HOL Library has two current projects: Getting Into Harry Potter (continuous) and First Day of Class After Christmas Holidays (ends 4 February).

There are also two opportunities in the HOL Art Department: HOL Trading Cards (continuous) and Deathly Hallows User Icons (ends 28 February).

Don't forget to submit your category suggestions for this year's Eagle Awards, coordinated by Prof. Angelus Darklost!


Class sign-ups are now open! Some classes are available for new student registration; others will open up closer to the end of term (31 January). The list of classes currently being offered can be found here. You may sign up for up to five classes through your HOL account (log in and click on HOL Classes).

The Goblet of Fire is now open! Could you be the next Quad-Wizard Tournament champion?


Congratulations to the following Gryffindor House award winners for the month of December:

The Curious Kitten Award: Brenna Westfeld
The Fellytone Award: Joanne Grey

Congratulations also the to the following Ravenclaw House award winners:

Blue Virtue: Chryseis McSylvester
Bronze Ambition: Alexia Riaper
Ravenclaw of the Month: Momoko Asakura
Hawking HOLer: Tinuvie Levante

January's edition of Ravenclaw House's newspaper, the Alte Sententiam, is now online!

And be sure to check out this month's Prose and Cons Challenge!

Happy New Year


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