Fall Edition of the SerpenTimes

Ashlee Sully (Editor In Chief) along with the staff of writers from all houses, is very proud present the first issue of the SerpenTimes for the 2008/09 school year.

I along with everyone in the Slytherin house want to send a huge thank you to Ashlee and all the other writers and contributors in resurrecting the paper. They are:

Adeliene Cromwell, Alva St Clair, Ariel Kingston, Astrid Shadows, Darik Limewire, Ellie Warhol, Evelina Hawthorne, Faye Roderick, India Jolly, Jenna Hathaway, Mia Vardales, Nikki Walker, Noora Novel, Professors Angelus Darklost and Opal Dragonfly, Sarah Matrix, Tambaqui Balthazar and Zia Stonebury.

Also a special thank you to the editor, Megaera Selwyn, whom we thank for your hard work.

Everyone who contributed this month has received house points! Yay! We are open to accepting submissions for the next issue, check out the website for more information.
Please click the link below to visit the paper :)

Serpentine Summer Project!

Dearest Slytherins,

In relation to the Dungeons summer celebration, all Slytherins are invited to sign up for the Serpentine Summer Project !

You will compete in a team with your fellow house members to finish the challenging tasks and getting to know each other too in the process!

Just head over HERE and sign up your name to participate in this activity !

The sign ups will be closed on August 31st, so hurry up and put down your name!

For further details, please stalk your prefects :)

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