WT Fall Edition NOW Available!

The Wizarding Times November Edition is now available!

Head on over and check us out!


FallI Issue of the Wizarding Times!

The Fall issue of Wizarding Times is HERE! (That is the Hufflepuff Newspaper for those of you who may not know)

Thank you to everyone (from all houses) who worked so very hard to get everything up and running for us!


The Wizarding Times Wants YOU!

Greetings new and returning students and staff! Term starts very soon, class sign-ups are underway, and we are getting back in the swing of things!

That means we'll have our first issue of the Wizarding Times (The Hufflepuff Magazine) up (hopefully) in September.

I'm putting out a call for participants! Do you write Poetry or Fanfic? Would you be willing to interview new/returning Professors/STs about themselves and their classes? How would you feel about running a poll and doing a bit of research on the answers? Do you do graphic work or draw pictures?

These are the kinds of things (and folks) we are looking for at the moment. If you have any other ideas, well, we welcome those, too!

Please contact me via PM or HOL Message *only* as my e-mail tends to get flooded. :) If you do creative writing or art, be prepared to show me examples.

We do give points for participation (HOL Wide). We DO NOT need any other editors at the moment. *nods*

So, come out, come forward, and come be on staff or just an occasional writer/creator for the WT.

Wizarding Times Participation Points:
Article: 10 points per published submission (maximum 20 pts. at any time)
Art: 5/10 points per published submission (maximum 20 pts.)
Fiction: 5 points per published submission (maximum 10 pts.)
Editors: Up to 30 points (At discretion of leaders)

New Hufflepuff Staff

I'd like to give a warm welcome to some new staff members for Hufflepuff House:

Post Graduate Felicia Hartwick is now our Deputy Head of House!

Kath Snape and Neville Prongs have both graciously accepted the job of Prefect.

I'm so very proud of each and every one of my staff-members and I know that these three amazing folks will only add to our wonderful and dedicated staff in Hufflepuff. So, if you see them around, give them a round of applause, will you?


Hufflepuff Orientation

Hufflepuff Orientation 2008 has begun! All Badgers are invited to join in on the fun! Orientation will run throughout the summer, ending right before term starts.

Wizarding Times

The Wizarding Times last edition for this school year is now live! What is the WT? It's the Hufflepuff newspaper, of course.

We've got some wonderful gems in this new edition, so The Wizarding Times

Signing up for the Hufflepuff Common Room!

Greetings new Badgers (those would be new Hufflepuffs). The Hufflepuff staff is working hard on getting a message out to each and every new member of HOL. For now, however, I’d like to greet you here and give you a bit of information that’s important for you to know!

While it is not mandatory that you come to The Sett (http://thebadgersett.us/forum/) which is what a Badger calls his home and we like to call the Hufflepuff Common Room), you might find it fun to meet your fellow Badgers and participate in some of the activities that we have there.

If you have any questions, please contact a Hufflepuff Prefect (*points below*)

(Everyone at the Sett has their own personal Prefect for any questions or problems that they might have. Everyone is sorted alphahuff-like and it goes by your FIRST name.)

Prefect Narcissa Heart - A - B
Deputy Head of House Felicia Hartwick - C - D
Post Graduate Anne Damhsoir - E - J
Prefect Tarma Black - K - L
Prefect Rorey Padfoot - M - P
Prefect Askeron Kyle - R - S
Prefect Mopsy Prewett - T - Z
(If you meet a Badger who forgot who their own Prefect is, you can refer him or her to that list so they remember!)

Welcome to HOL and Hufflepuff! We look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!


Prof. Anya Chutney
Head of House, Hufflepuff
Deputy Headmistress HOL

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