SQL 2016

graphic created by Professor Cody Lewis
HOL Summer Quidditch League (SQL) starts now! Come play with us! No previous Quidditch experience required. CLICK

The Greatest Show on Earth!

*cue circus-music right here*

Seriously, though. Submit your drabbles :D

Quidditch Game - May 14th

Graphic by Professor Spookie
Come watch and cheer as the Ravenclaw Eagles play the Slytherin Snakes!
When: May 14th, 9 PM HOL time
Where: #quidditch
Watch and cheer in: #grandstand

Another Purr-fect Edition of the Paw Print

In case you hadn't heard, the new issue of the Paw Print is up for viewing! With pets and animals seeming to be the theme, along with great literary entries and a couple of contests to participate in, this issue is certainly worth checking out. Click the image to begin reading!

Bingo Bonanza!

Beans, beans, points, and more beans! Grab Lady Luck by the hand and join the Bingo Dance. Free butterbeer on tap as you try your luck in hopes of having the winning card. The jackpots are HUGE, so hurry over as soon as you can. Let's break out those magic markers and get busy!!!

Calling all Eagles! There's a Bingo Party happen...

HOL House Cup 2015/16