25 Days of Huffle Holidays

Let the fun begin!!

Graphic created by Prof. Tarma Amelia Black!

The best way to spread Slythmas cheer...

...is singing loud and clicking here!

Graphic created by the lovely Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis!

'Tis the Season of Giving

Check the HOL forum for details! Sign-up by December 14th!

Image and description by Ariella McManus

Who doesn't love presents...and elves?! Here's your chance to join in the holiday spirit and not only get a nice shiny gift, but be an honest-to-goodness elf as well. And not just any elf, but a secret one. How c...

Quidditch Game - November 21st

graphic created by Tarma
Quidditch game Saturday, November 21st - the Slytherin Snakes vs the Ravenclaw Eagles

Quidditch Game - November 14th

graphic created by Professor Cosmo B. Mott
Quidditch game Saturday, November 14th - the Gryffindor Lions vs the Hufflepuff Badgers \o/

HOL House Cup 2015/16