HOLLERS presents its Fall Challenge!

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Show your superiority in this thrilling HP Bingo Game. Sign up is from Friday 19th September to Friday 26th September. Have fun and good luck!
Image by Sirius Fudge

DBC October
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If you're not afraid of sheets with holes in them...then click the image. And if you are (TARMA), click the image anyway :D

September Ravenclaw Activity

Check the Roost for more information. Sign-up today!

Image by Iris Ixchel

Welcome Ickles to a new Art Project!

YAY new students!

First Friend Project!

One day in the HS Office
Fumei: SIRIUS, where's the FFP blog post?!
Sirius: I will only write a blog post when I can see no coffee, coffee maker in this room.
Amy: Okay, that will not happen. I'll write it, then.
Fumei: AMY! *hugs*
Sirius: >____>
P.S. Join the First Friend Project and ...

HOL House Cup 2014/15


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