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Emilie Palmer
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Post by Emilie Palmer »

Emilie: I liked the name.
Rose: Favorite middle name
Palmer: I totally stole Palmer from Amanda Palmer (The dresden dolls)
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Charlotte Athena
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Post by Charlotte Athena »

I got my HOL first name from a (for lack of better word) game that I played during fifth grade and still do. My friends got so used to calling me by Charlotte that they still do instead of my real name. (I call them by their false names too!)

My last name also came from that game (the game involved Greek Mythology) by way of the fact that in the game my mother's name was Athena. She is the wisdom goddess, and I liked the idea of that.

Well, *mumbles and coughs* sorry for rambling on.

Charlotte Athena
Riku Salazar Knight
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Post by Riku Salazar Knight »

name Riku because it is the combination of my real name Rie + Kudo ( shinichi Kudo is the main character of detective conan or case closed) Ri+Ku=Riku :)

Salazar, well because i love name Salazar slytherin, eventhough i am the real Gryffindor. :D

Knight, because i have always been wanted to become a knight, eventho it is rarely for a girl who want to be a knight :)

so it is Rku Salazar Knight
Angelune Delacour
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Post by Angelune Delacour »

Hello! :)

The name Angelune is from french words Ange and Lune means Angel and Moon. It's similar with my real name which means The Moon too in my language.

Delacour is from Fleur Delacour, my favorite Beauxbaton student and Triwizard Champion in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

So, it's Angelune Delacour :) sounds really French-y is it? :D
Erin Llewellyn
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Post by Erin Llewellyn »

Erin Llewellyn was actually pretty simple.

Erin is my middle name, and I went with it so I wouldn't forget.

Llewellyn is a book publisher that published a lot of books I own. I literally came up with it by seeing it on a book on my desk. Also, I wanted her to be at least part Welsh because there needs to be more Welsh characters in my stories. Also, I want to practice the accent and it gives me an excuse. :lol:

Thanks to Brie MacKenna for this beautiful bit of art!
Alexander Backwood
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Post by Alexander Backwood »

My full HOL name is Alexander Johnathan Backwood

I picked Alexander because I liked it, no more reason really.
Johnathan is a free translation of my own RL middle name
Backwood was a random spur of inspiration ... although it has been suggested that I based it on a torture instrument as a way of foreshadowing about my character in Roleplay. I kinda liked that explanation, so yes, it's based off a torture instrument after all.
Janie Peterson
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Post by Janie Peterson »

My name has... no interesting story behind it at all, haha. I chose the first name Janie because Hermionie looks like a Janie to me and the Peterson sounded like a good last name. For me, Janie Peterson kind of rolls off the tongue. (: That's how I came up with mine! Hahah.
Jem Reed
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Post by Jem Reed »

I've liked the name Jem for a girl for quite some time now. I figured it would be unique enough on here and not likely to be another user to ever have the same name. Reed... well it's a vairent of the last name Reid. Pronounced the same just different spellings. I just looked up a list of the 100 most common last names in the US and choose one towards the end of the list that way it would be semi-common and recognizable. So far I don't think I've seen anyone else with the same last name (and that's going for both Reed, and Reid). Which is good. It sets me apart more.
Licarline Aida Clyne
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Post by Licarline Aida Clyne »

My name eh? Kinda long story, all related to the heroine of Gundam Seed series, Lacus Clyne. I actually dislike her in the beginning, her being a pink princess and me being a pink hater. Especially when she's getting close with Kira Yamato, whom I fell in love in the very first sight. But later on I found out the cool side of Lacus, and somehow accepted her being with Kira. Their love is so heartwarming! >.< and then I started to introduce myself as Lacus' younger sister who fight for Kira's love for some time in GS RPGs. So yeah, you know where I get that Clyne name.
Now we have to travel to another anime called D.N. Angel. ANIME okay, not manga. Because Harada Rika haven't didn't show up in the manga. So here's the thing. I love the moon and I love the night, and ohh how love those badass, seme male character. And guess what? I fell in love with Dark Mousy. In the anime, Dark's true love is Rika, so I use this name for a while. But Rika Clyne sounds awful, so I tred to create another name. In Japanese, Lacus is pronounced and written as Rakusu, so I changed Rika into Lica (my nickname). But Lica Clyne still not good enough. And I really don't know how I get that -rline thingy. Licarline Clyne just work, somehow.
And Aida... is actually part of my real name. `Ai` means love in Japanese, and the kanji `da` could mean field. `Aida`, Fields of Love, similar to Lacus' song Fields of Hope.
Fate leads us to choices. When we choose, we create our own destiny.
-Lica-li1133, a Ravenclaw
Meggie Chamberlain
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Post by Meggie Chamberlain »

There's nothing too fascinating about my name! I used to sit next to a lovely girl in a few of my classes called Megan and of course, everyone called her Meggie. Her middle name--Paige--was just something I thought went well popped in between her first and last name. Chamberlain is after Neville Chamberlain, of course! I'm a bit of a history geek (:
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Kate Quinn
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Post by Kate Quinn »

This is a fun discussion! I've enjoyed reading everyone's reasons behind their names! :)

Kate = I've just always loved this name. I think it's pretty, and I really like names that are already short (I'm a huge fan of nicknames, and this one doesn't even need one, because it's already nice and short!).
Anne = no real reasoning behind the middle name, except that I thought it sounded good between Kate and Quinn!
Quinn = my character felt very Irish, so she needed a good Irish last name. My heritage (IRL) is also Irish, so I wanted to represent that.
Thanks to Brie MacKenna for the banner! :)

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Ivy Mizanin
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Post by Ivy Mizanin »

Ivy *shrugs* Pretty self explanitory.

Mizanin - my favourite wrestlers last name :D
Holly Synyster
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Post by Holly Synyster »

My name is my real first name and the last name is from a guy in a band who I like <3

Sounded pretty evil too so I thought it was good xD
I love Samuel <3
Lillian Mayhem
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Post by Lillian Mayhem »

Lillian: I chose it because I looooove that name.
Mayhem: Because of a band and because I love the way it sounds with the name. Also I like the wordsgame it makes with the nickname "Lil Mayhem" :D
North Ellwood
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Post by North Ellwood »

North - I love North - it just sounds awesome.
Ellwood - It's different, but not weirdly so! :)
Eagle and PROUD

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Asebi Shinomori
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Post by Asebi Shinomori »

North Ellwood wrote:QUOTE (North Ellwood @ Aug 3 2011, 01:51 AM) North - I love North - it just sounds awesome.
Ellwood - It's different, but not weirdly so! :)
I love the idea of "North" as a first name! It actually sounds pretty cool. :)

As for myself:

Asebi - It's the Japanese equivalent of "Lily of the Valley" - the flower of my birth month which is May. :)
Shinomori - Taken from my favorite Rurouni Kenshin character, Aoshi Shinomori.
Pia Hwang
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Post by Pia Hwang »

my HOL name is "Pia Hwang"
and it's not my real name at all. lol

pia is my nickname from 'via'. (most of my friends call me pia -_- ")
and hwang... idk i just love that word and the meaning. kekekekeke
Maudie Hawthorne
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Post by Maudie Hawthorne »

My HOL name is sort of a funny coincidence...
So Right before I joined HOL, I had just gotten my Pottermore account and username. I had picked MarauderHawthorne93. And then I liked it so much that I changed my Mibba username to Marauder Hawthorne. That same day I spent about 20 minutes on a journal conversation on mibba and my friends I was commenting with got tired of tagging me as Marauder, so one of them shortened it to Maudie. Next day, I signed up for HOL and it seemed perfect. I absolutely love my name (:
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