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Favorite Pet Names

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Have you ever brought a new pet friend into your home and struggled over picking the perfect name? That one special name that name your new friend will carry around with it for the rest of its days?

I came up with a list of my favorite dog names, because I would be adding two dogs to my home in the near future:
1. Barkley
2. Mocha
3. Teddy
4. Percy
5. Tasi
6. Casey

I currently share my home with a Toy Poodle. He's considered to be a "Tuxedo" because his fur is black on the top half of his body and white on the lower half. Many of my family and friends wanted me to select a name based on his appearance, and I wracked my brain, until my best friend, whose last name is Sherman, kept going on and on about how he didn't like Poodles because they were so "yappy." So guess what I named my dog? That's right. Sherman. After my best friend :lol:

My second dog is a 40 pound Hound/Shih Tzu/Terrier mix. He's golden in color. I almost went with Benji, but I was hooked on a TV series called Nashville and named my dog Deacon, after my favorite character.

I never used any of the names on my list

How about you? How did you choose the names of your fur friends? Did you create a list of names?
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Re: Favorite Pet Names

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I don't have any real pets of my own, but I can tell you how I named my HOL pets.

I was formally introduced to logic puzzles when I learned about Seeking for HOL Quidditch. While searching high and low for logic puzzles, I saw "logique" variant of spelling somewhere and wanted to use it. Of course, it made sense to name my owl Logique!

My cat is named Chaos, taken from one of Morwen's cats from The Enchanted Forest Chronicles. The three SQT bots (Fiddlesticks, Jasper, and Quiz) are also names of Morwen's cats.

I also have a toad named Bandit. When the Pet Shop was active, there used to be many toads because everyone would rather have a cat or an owl. There was a limited number of pets that could be available at a time, so the Pet Shop was all toads at one point. I started buying all the toads to try to get more cats and owls in the shop and naming them after cards from the game Dominion. It was too difficult to remember to feed all the toads, so they eventually all ran away. I kept Bandit because that's one of my favorite cards in Dominion!
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