Things to know before applying

The schoolyear is split into two terms: Autumn Term (September to January) and Spring Term (February to June). Class Sign-up for students opens ca. August 15th and January 10th. A list of classes that are open for sign-ups will be accessible for all students. You will have the full control over your class, please be prepared to manage it from your class office.

Please apply only for classes that start in the upcoming term, means... if it is summer now and you do not want to offer a class in September, but probably in January, then please wait until Autumn Term has ended with applying for this class. If you want to offer your One-Term Class for both terms of the schoolyear, please know that every class will get a different ID, and they are treated as two seperate classes in the office. So you will have to renew your Autumn Term class for the Spring Term, and please do not accept sign-ups for the next term with your old class ID.

Professor Applicants have to be at least 17 years of age (real life age!). There are no exceptions from this rule. Students who are in HOL for at least six months, who are younger than 17 or do not want to join the staff for other reasons, can apply for offering a class as "Student Teacher", but we can accept only a limited number of students teaching a class. Please indicate on the application form that you are intending to become a Student Teacher.

Sorry, Professor Applications are closed.